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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Big Progress Planned

Good morning!  I came up to the sleeping loft, second cup of coffee in hand, about an hour ago to write this post.  But, after wading through e-mails and computer To Dos, now I'm ready to get back to my day (instead of staying here to write)!  Hmph.  I'll try to do a quick update, though, before I get too restless.

On Monday, I requested and was granted 6 days off over the next 8 weeks.  With my two days off each week being non-consecutive ones - and throwing drive time and normal, necessary day-off requirements into the mix - I just can't get enough done at Swamp River Ridge.  And, since my time before I'm required to be gone is flitting, I needed to swap a 40-hour/week paycheck for some t-i-m-e.  So, tomorrow is the first of these days off.  I haven't had two days off, back-to-back, since I started this job back in January!

So, not having to worry quite as much as usual about a reasonable bedtime, I got a lot of sorting, straightening, and organizing done last night.  I have lots of shelving that I've hauled here to the cabin, but I can't put it up until I have brackets . . . which I can't buy until my next paycheck.  Once I can start putting it up, though, I'll REALLY be able to make some progress!

I have a lot of town errands to do today, too.  That means that, unfortunately, I probably won't get out to Swamp River Ridge until fairly late in the day . . . but I just have to focus on what I *am* getting done (those errands).  If plans remain the same, Papa Pea is planning on coming out tomorrow, pulling the newly-finished high-sided trailer with him.  We'll hit the pile of seasoning maple that I don't want to leave behind.  Then, we'll fill the Suburban and trailer with everything it will hold . . . including the wood cut only to lengths short enough to be man-handled into the trailer.  I can do the final cutting of it once it's here.

The one thing that is a worry about being here at the cabin most of the time now is the cats.  They are NOT happy that I'm gone from home so much and are making that clear by peeing on Tucker's cushy beds.  :(  Never mind the fact that I clean the 3 litter boxes each time I'm there.  (Cats CAN be vindictive little creatures!)  And, the reason I haven't yet brought them here to the cabin is the planned enclosure/remodeling of the porch.  I don't think bringing them to a new home and then having that home come under a bunch of hammering would do anything to ease the transition.  I've considered locking them out of the house each time I leave SRR - but then I'd worry about them becoming prey to an owl or the like.  So, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

And, regarding the alterations that I'll make to this cabin, I'm nearing the fine line.  I haven't yet finished the plans (although they are complete in my head), so I can't show them to the carpenter(s).  But, I can't move much else here until the construction is complete.  So, I *have* to make the time to finish them and meet with the carpenter(s).  That, also, may keep me here longer than I may like today.  But, again, I just have to remember to focus on what I DO get done vs. what I'm not getting done at "home".  (Where *is* "home" these days?!!!)  Gah - everything needs to happen all at once!!!

In other news, I *was* able to vote at the court house after work on Tuesday.  It was super easy and quick.  No problems whatsoever.  And, for me & my views, the election results were GOOD!  So, I'm happy that I did my part.

With that, I'll sign off and get back to it.  I need to start taking some pictures to post, don't I?!



  1. Ummmm . . . Dad (as in singlar person, no Mom) is going out to Swamp River Ridge tomorrow to cut wood and bring a load of stuff back? So that means you don't want me to come out for the jobs you had lined up for me? Wa-HOO! I'll have a day home alone to lie on the couch, eat potato chips and read!!!!

    1. Nooooo, it was just that since his coming out was a surprise to you, I wasn't sure whether or not you'd decided if you'd come or not! Consider yourself enlisted and your day tomorrow BOOKED! ;)

  2. My, oh, my. You certainly have your work cut out for you! And I imagine the deadline for doing any outside carpentry work is closing in! We will be following with bated breath - toes and fingers crossed. And, yes, cats are perverse...

  3. Darn felines. Hope you get some "quality" working-away-from-the-job work done.

  4. Wish we were near to help you load all that stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the enclosure, that will be nice!

  5. One idea for the cats--not sure how many you have--lock them in a room with food and water and their litter box(es) while you're gone. At least the "pee" damage will be isolated.
    Glad the election outcomes were GOOD for you. They were for me also! I was pretty ecstatic. And then I crashed. Well worth it!!
    Hang in there, Chicken Mama. We all have our burdens and you are good to remind yourself (and readers) to just do what is in front of us. Period! Hugs from San Diego.


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