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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Little Update

I don't have too much time this AM, but I thought I'd try to get a little post up, anyhow.  I have a date with Mama & Papa Pea for between 9:00 and 9:30 . . . but I woke up just a bit before 9:00 (despite the 8:00 alarm - so hard to listen to alarms on a gloomy Sunday morning!), so I've postponed it a tad.

And, since it is such a dreary day, I sure don't have much energy to get up and do what needs to be done.  But, just a few more weeks, and I'll be able to really take Sundays off!

My folks came out to Swamp River Ridge on Friday, towing the newly-transformed high-sided trailer (I've told Mom that she needs to blog about it - reminding people about when a huge tree smashed it in half!).  While Dad cut maple outside, I had Mom help me completely empty the two storage units high in the eaves of the house.  They're only accessible via ladder, so I handed things down to her as she stacked.  One side was almost entirely boxes of books (h-e-a-v-y); the other was seasonal decorations.  I'm glad we did the books first!  While the master bedroom is now full of all these boxes, it feels GOOD to know that those two areas are completely empty now.

Then, Dad still wood cutting, Mom and I loaded the trailer with lots of fairly weather resistant items.  Outside furniture, BBQ, etc.  Then we all hauled boxes of books to fill the back of their Suburban.  That's what our "date" is this morning:  unloading same.  A lot of it will come here to the cabin (books waiting for shelving).  Not quite sure where I'm going to put all those boxes, tho!  The rest will go to the storage unit for sale (BBQ) or, uhhh, storage!

The first real snow of the season came early Saturday morning, and there was white stuff covering everything yesterday at Swamp River Ridge.  Probably 1/8 - 1/4".  Near the more temperate lake, though, it was just rain.  We had SEVERE winds yesterday and, with the temp in the low 30s, it was NASTY.  Really nasty.  We sold hats and gloves like nobody's business at work to all the tourists.  But then, the mercury rose last night, and it's up to 47 now!  Bizarre!  Nice and mild, though, for the day's outside work.  Even if it's damp.

The city workers put the Christmas tree up on Wednesday (a little early?!) and, fortunately, had put three guy-wires on it by yesterday (and no lights yet - a good thing!).  That's the only thing that kept the skinny evergreen upright during the nor'east wind smashing in.  Matter of fact, the wind was so strong that we could hear, inside the store, the eerie "singing" of the wires as the wind whipped through them!

And, with that, I'd better get my teeth brushed and on with it.  My workers will be wondering where I am.  ;)


  1. Brrrr.... though I love the thought of snow because we hardly ever get any here in Oregon. And yep, I'm in agreement, its way too early for that tree!

    1. It's snowing right now! :) That said, I'm HOPING to get the move done before I have to plow!

  2. Early maybe, but what a beautiful tree! Glad you are making some headway with Swamp River Ridge, I know it must be an almost insurmountable task finding places for all your things!

    1. "Insurmountable" is THE word for it!!!!!

  3. Amazing ,tourists still this time of year,I mean ,the lakes aren't frozen over YET!

    1. Actually, "my" lake was frozen this AM as were others I heard about! Just starting, tho, of course.


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