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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Whadda BUSY Week It Was!

Oh, my GAWD, this past week was busy!  Oi vey!  I am SO happy to have a couple of days here at home now, I can't even tell you!

I woke to beautiful blue skies, but now the clouds are moving in - still, it's lovely and mild out (24 degrees last time I looked).  I have so much to do both inside and out that I'm not sure what to tackle first.  One thing is certain, though:  I MUST tend to the refrigerator POST-HASTE!  There is something SO dead in there than it's infecting everything else . . . coming through the milk container, and everything.  Absolutely horrendous.  I thought I'd pulled the offending object during the week, but obviously that one thing wasn't causing the problem.  I may have to put on a HazMat respirator when I "go in".  ;)

Not being with anyone - nor in pursuit of anyone - I keep forgetting that today is Valentine's Day!  And, you know, it's kind of a blessing in disguise!  I don't have to worry about what to get any "him" . . . nor if the day will be made special by "him" or completely forgotten or consciously ignored as a protest against an "invented Hallmark holiday".  And, in thinking about it, I realize that I've NEVER been with a guy who made Valentine's Day be what I think it should be (special)!  So, phooey on THAT!  I think I'll start a list of requirements for the next Chicken Mama Man, and put 'make me feel special on special holidays' on it.  ;)  I remember that the ex would make me a neat, hand-made valentine, once in a while, but "once in a while" out of some 14 years doesn't quite hit the mark, if ya know what I mean.  (And not that I was always perfect, either, but, hey, if we're going for The Ideal here, we may as well aim high, right?!)

I was planning on filling you in about my past week, but it was so downright exhausting that I may just put it behind me and focus on the upcoming.  There was some horrible stuff involving the ex but there were also 5 (!!) separate visits with three of "my" little ones.  First, I got to pick Baby Girl up from daycare* and then take her to dinner at Bundle of Joy's house (at 2 years and 1 year old, respectively, they played and played and played and played until both their eyes glazed over and they started resembling adorable zombies)! Then, The Peanut and her mama and I took in a JV basketball game at the high school early on Friday night, and then it was back to Bundle of Joy's house to help out her and her daddy while mommy was away at work.  And, last night, I got to hang out with The Peanut again while her parents went out for a Valentine's Eve dinner!  Lots of baby time made my busy week all worthwhile.  :)

*  When I picked Baby Girl up from daycare, she was seated in the eating alcove and couldn't see me.  L, the daycare provider, said, "Ooooh, Baby Girl!  Somebody special is here to see you!"  I peeked around the corner and was rewarded with flailing arms and screeches of "Bopee!Bopee!Bopee!" while she scrambled out of the booth.  Once she was up in my arms, a little boy who'd been watching the scene play out asked Baby Girl, "Is that your grandma?!"  

(And then I booted him across the room.)

Little shi . . . shizer.  I explained to him that a bopee was kind of in-between an auntie and a grandma.  He seemed satisfied.  (We should really spell my moniker as Boppee 'cause it's pronounced BAH-pee, but, somewhere along the line the Bopee spelling stuck.  So, it is what it is.)  I also have the honor of being 'Una', to two little ones down in St. Paul, and I love that name, too!  Una = Up North Auntie.  :)

Okay, I think I'll sign off for now, and get going on this disaster of a kitchen.  Then it's outside to get some work DONE!


  1. Happy Valentine's day! Hope it was fun for you just to hang out at home and enjoy your day. We have beautiful blue skies and 48 degrees. It's suppossed to be upper 50's by Thursday. I have a chicken coop in great need of a cleaning-guess there's no excuses if it get's that warm!

    Hope you find time to rest some too!

  2. You know, even tho I'm married, Valentine's Day is about everyone you love, not just the supposed "special" person. We are going to dinner with the teenager and just gonna relax. I had a week from H E double toothpick and even worse weekend, so I don't want to think about it. Hang in there!

  3. Happy to hear the horrible week is behind you and you got some happy little-tyke time! Enjoy the next few days of YOU time, Bopee! ;)
    P.S. ... "and then I booted him across the room" -- hahaha! Funny lady!

  4. Glad you are getting some days off, even though you have to battle the fridge. I don't do Valentine's Day, not because I'm against it or anything, I just don't see the point, and hubby knows if he got me flowers I'd go on a tirade - I'm one of those gals that would just rather have the cash LOL! Although it's always cute when the kids make me a Valentine card :)

  5. Becky, that's on my list, too! The coop needs to be cleaned SO desperately!

    Ruth, bad weeks must have been going around, huh? Good thing they're in the past! :) And, you are SO right: Valentine's Day is about everyone you love, and I had the honor of receiving a voicemail from My Girl saying, "This is your adopted daughter calling, and I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's Day and tell you that I love you!" :) It made my day!

    And, Bopee thanks you, Fiona. :) I am taking some time to do things I WANT rather than SHOULD.

    Erin, I'll blog about it, but I never FOUND anything in the fridge! What the . . . ?!


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