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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

You'll Never Guess: Snow!

Yup, we got more snow last night.  And, I've started collecting contact information for loggers and contractors - so I can get quotes for opening up my winter driveway.  There are two corners, in particular, that are gettin' AWFULLY tight!  And, the snowbanks are too high on the sides now for the snow to clear (to fall over the other side) when I plow, so much of it falls back into the road behind me.  I'll probably start making some of those preliminary calls today . . . especially once I get out there to plow this morning and see how much (limited?) success I have.  It's down to 3 degrees right now, though, and the clouds are clearing to reveal a blue sky, so I think it will be a nice day!

Mama Pea and I were at the same lunch date yesterday (@ Bundle of Joy's house with her mama), and so I didn't get in to my office until mid-afternoon.  I was fully into my day, designing and printing Valentine's Day cards to sell, when I got a call from Bundle of Joy's mom (who knew that I had driven the little car instead of the truck), warning me that it was really starting to snow there (which is halfway home for me) and the wind was picking up.  Shortly thereafter, I heard mention that the town 50 miles south was in white-out conditions.  So, after only a couple of very short hours at work (2 1/2?!), I picked the dogs up a little bit early and headed home.  Ppppbbbt.  What a waste:  there was just a light dusting when I arrived home (but, yes, we did get another dumping during the night)!  I know, I know:  better safe than sorry, but it was a bit frustrating.  Even though I now had extra hours in the evening at home, I was thrown off course, my schedule being changed.

But, I rallied, and did outside chores and then took the time to make a super-easy, super-quick dinner of a massive buckwheat pancake (probably 3-4 of normal sized-ones, but I went for simple).  Erin, of Garden Now - Think Later, brought the healthy pre-made mix at Christmas:  thank you!!  After that, I spent a luxurious hour working on a new crocheted hat for a customer (who'd bought one that was just a little too bit) while listening to a fun, call-in radio show on the local station.  Then, I did dishes and cleaned up a bit until 10:00 when I toddled up to bed.  In bed on time and up with the alarms this morning:  yayyy, me!  ;)

Now, after a shower and breakfast of two fat, toasted pieces of Mama Pea's Dark Orange Raisin Rye Bread with my first cup of coffee, I need to get dressed and get out there to plow.  On with it!  I know I haven't posted much in the way of pictures lately, but how many pictures of snow do you want?  (I'll try to get some up here soon, tho.)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Glad you chose to be cautious last night, that could have been bad. Heehee that's one of Red Wing's famous exports, the "Sturdiwheat" stuff, every time I go home mom gives us all Sturdiwheat mix, then I'm forced to make the kids pancakes (don't like making them!). I think they live on Sturdiwheat, cheese curds and beer down there :) Darn missed the radio show, I had to clean out our rental, new tenant in 5 days and it can't come fast enough! $$!

  2. We love Buckwheat pancakes too. And actually had breakfast for dinner last night as well...in the form of your Mom's waffles! (again) I have made three batches of them so far!

    Well I am glad you got home before the snow. It's just not worth risking it no matter how seasoned you are!

    What are your totals now for snow? Seems like it never stops up there!


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