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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Uuuuuuhhhnnn.  I'm getting a cold.  (Whine.)  Don't worry; I haven't given up yet - I'm still fighting it with Vitamin C and organic juice and Emergen-C, but . . . uuuuuuhhhhhnn.  My energy level is at about a 3.  But, to be fair, I don't think I got sick once during the past hellacious year, so I'm due.  And, there's nothing big or special on the near horizon, so the timing is fine, but I hate being sick, and I'm not good at it.  I whine.  I mope.  I feel sorry for myself.  On the up side, it will be a chance to watch some movies, maybe get some handwork done if I'm up for it, and catch up on my blog reading, right?  Uuuuuuuuunnnhhh.

The local florist who carries 48 different Chicken Mama Originals cards mentioned, earlier this month, that she wanted a good selection of Valentine's Day options.  (Duhhhh:  good thinking!  Why hadn't I thought of that?!)  The Old Me would have started designing and printing them during the first week of February.  TOO LATE!  But, enter the knights on charging steeds, The New Me set aside this last week in January as the time to get 'em done!  (Insert trumpet blasts.)

Here are the five I got designed and printed yesterday.  There's not a pink or red picture among 'em (I'm still going to do at least one white and one red rose image), but hopefully their uniqueness will interest shoppers.  (I chose cute fonts for each of them which did not translate when I put them here in draft last night, but you'll get the idea, anyway.)

Stick with me, kid.
I’ll take you places.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Up until now,
I’ve been lookin’ for love
in all the wrong places.

Will you be my valentine?

If you wanted a stable relationship,
you should have gotten a horse.

Happy Valentine’s Day, anyway!

Be mine?

You’re sweet as honey.

Bee Mine

And, with that, it's off, I go.  Whenever I have to go out to do chores when I don't really want to bundle up and head outside, I'm always reminded of that sleepy baker in those old donut shop commercials (remember?):  the martyred sigh as he got up and said, "Time to make the donuts".  :)


  1. Time for some garlic soup! Get MamaPea on that!

    Sorry you aren't feeling well. Sometimes the body takes over and you have to let it.

    Your cards are so sweet! I especially love the horse one, but that's my humor lovin' side :)

  2. They are unique, and I love those kind of cards! I'm not a candy and roses kind of gal; I like the different kinds.

    Hope you get to feeling better FAST, I can't stand a whiner!!! LOL All kidding aside, I'm with APG to get MamaPea in on the action.


  3. Geesh, I thought maybe my stock pile of Chicken Noodle Soup would last longer!! But it will go to a good cause because you have NEVER seen anyone who gets as bad a plain old cold as Chicken Mama!

  4. Nice cards.
    And sounds like you're in for some good soup! Yea for moms!

  5. Gorgeous new blog header photo! Got snow?

  6. Hahahha! Har har har! The stable! The horse! I am genuinely cracking up, here! Heheheheheeeee!


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