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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

My Latest Creation

I haven't had time to crochet much lately, and I've missed that.  During the winter, I was working on this hat while taking care of The Peanut one day.  She asked who it was going to be for, and I replied, "Me!  I need a winter hat to match my blue Wintergreen coat."

She proceeded to try on the only-a-skullcap-at-that-point, and then exclaimed, "No!  Boppee make for ME!"  And, since Boppee's a big softie, and The Peanut does look terrific in this particular shade of blue, I made a few alterations in the size . . . and voila!
Here she is, trying it on in order for me to determine the final circumference before I crocheted the final rows.

And, The Peanut in the finished product!
Now I've made a Raspberry Cloche for Baby Girl and a Blueberry Cloche for The Peanut!  :)

And, yes, Boppee STILL needs to make herself a hat to go with her winter coat for next year.  Such is "the rub" when amazing little humans wiggle into your heart.  :)


  1. Love the color of that hat! I love really chunky yarns, they look so organic, and that color looks great on her! When is her birthday? You should crochet her a little purse so when you two go out and about on your girls days out she can be like you (little girls love that!) It's always funny to see what little girls put in their "purses"... a doll head, a sock, a snuck piece of candy, lol!

  2. Could she be any cuter in your creation??

  3. That is SO cute! I hope you get your hat by this fall. Miss you!

  4. I love your hats. You should sell them on Esty-make a little cash on the side while having fun on your homestead. Now, how do I order one just like the Peanut's for this Fall? I have the blue Wintergreen coat as well! Take care, you...

  5. Erin, crochet a purse? Hahahahahahahaha!!! You are FUN-NY! All I crochet are hats and granny-square afghans. For a purse (while it's a capital idea!), I'd have to be able to READ a pattern . . . which I, hands-down, cannot.

    And, you're right, it is super fun to see what they "pack". The Peanut does have a little green hand-me-down fabric purse that has carried her headlamp, a truck, 1/2 a plastic Easter egg, etc.

    And, Melissa, YES, that is one of my To-Dos to Make Money @ Home (get an Etsy store in addition to my own website up and going). I'm gonna sell the hats for a flat $25 for any / all sizes (maybe except for super fancy ones) + shipping. And, I would LOVE to make you one for next winter! Matter of fact, I'm ready to start a new one . . . maybe yours will be it! Exactly the same style? A cloche with a little wavy brim? Just send your measurement (forehead, over ears, back of head, over the ears again [where it will sit] and back to the forehead). Adults are usually somewhere around 20 1/2 = 22".

  6. P.S. Melissa, are you going to be up this summer? Let me know, and we'll get together . . . instead of just passing each other on the road!


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