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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Oops - I Forgot a Title!

Remember when I wrote about all the things I need to do before Christmas and my idea about assigning each task to a particular day or group of days?

Well, now that it's the beginning of December and the days are speeding towards the season's finish line (Christmas), I think it's time to actively attack the list. Here are the things I need to complete before Santa's visit (along with the number of days I expect each to take):

  • Christmas Cards - 4
  • Process Apples - 3
  • Attend Natalie's Birth - 2
  • Bill Paying / Budgeting / Related Deskwork - 2
  • Decorate for Christmas - 2
  • Nanny - 3
  • Make Christmas Presents - 2
  • Wrap Christmas Presents - 2
  • Cookie Bake - 1
  • To Duluth for Supplies - 1
  • Attend HAF Sale - 1
  • Clean Chicken House - 1
  • Clean House for Christmas Company - 1
  • Dogs to Groomer - Partial
  • Find & Cut Down Christmas Tree - Partial
  • Past-due Statements for Chicken Mama's Graphic & Web Design - Partial
  • Re-pot Houseplants - Partial
  • Battery Maintenance - Partial
  • Equalize Batteries - Partial
  • Entrance Fee Paid for HAF - Partial
  • Belated 75th B-day Card & Letter to J & D - Partial
  • Redesign & Print Wellspring Therapy Business Cards & GCs - Partial
  • Make B-day Card & Present for & Celebrate with C - Partial
  • Attend Messiah Concert - Partial
  • Make Card & Present for Baby Girl's Birthday - Partial
  • Attend Party for Baby Girl's 1st Birthday - Partial

Whew! That's all! And, counting today, I have 23 days in which to get these done. BUT, the good news is that some tasks have already been finished or postponed and so didn't even need to make the above list! Those are:

  • Wrap R's B-day Present, Make Card - DONE
  • Prep for Community Center Art Sale - DONE
  • Attend CC Art Sale - DONE
  • Teach VPC Website Administration (Mutually Postponed until January)
  • Prep for VPC Website Tutorial (See Above)
  • Mom's Website Up - DONE
  • Clean Out Refrig - DONE
  • Pack Bag for Hospital - DONE

So, in preparation for hopefully doing the following on Friday:

  • Deliver 5 Grandbaby Hats - Partial
  • Wood Shavings @ Lumber Mill - Partial

I will do this today:

  • Finish 5 Grandbaby Hats - Partial

And then this:

  • Keep HAF Website Updated - Partial
  • Advertise HAF on Local Internet Bulletin Board - Partial
  • Keep Mom's Website Up-to-Date - Partial
  • Place Order & Do Invoicing for YL - Partial
  • Prep for HAF Christmas Sale

I think that's reasonable. Now, off to do some daily things, first, that AREN'T on the list (like dishes & outside chores).





  1. Wow-you'll be busy for sure! We decided to not do Christmas cards this year, so that's saving so much time and money. Enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things off the list as you complete them!

  2. Thanks, Becky! It helps (keep me on task) to "be accountable" to my readers. :)

    I really miss the old tradition of Christmas cards & letters. Each year it seems as though we receive fewer and fewer, especially now that we're in the electronic age of e-cards (I hate 'em!).

    As the month progresses, remind me to write my post about 'What the Format of Your Christmas Card Means'. I have a few interpretations. ;)

  3. When you write your post "What the Format of Your Christmas Card Means" I'll have to comment, I'm sure. As you know (and to your consternation), I've pretty much stopped sending Christmas cards all together for what, I think, are good reasons. (And I'm NOT bashing people who still take the time to send cards . . . in any way.)

    Anywho, it will be an interesting post that I'll look forward to.

  4. What a list! As a Type A woman, I say "congrats"! I need to get started on my Christmas Cards...even though I have migrated to the 'form letter', my own version every year is basically a form letter making fun of form letters I have received over the years! I call mine the Annual TPS Report in honor of one of my fave movies, "Office Space"!

  5. Erin,

    Okay, so for those of us who aren't "Office Space"rs, what's the TPS in the Annual TPS Report?

    I did forget one important thing on the to-do list which I just finished: make & bottle rootbeer. So, now it is 4:19 PM, and I am just starting on what I promised I'd do today. (Sigh.)

    Thanks for writing! :)

  6. Funny you should ask....

    From Wikipedia: A TPS report (Testing Procedure Specification) is a document used in software engineering, in particular by a Software Quality Assurance group or individual, that describes the testing procedures and the testing process.

    Also Wikipedia:
    "TPS report" has come to denote pointless mindless paperwork after its use in the comedy film Office Space. In the story, a primary character is reprimanded by several of his superiors for forgetting to put the new cover sheet on his TPS report. Mike Judge, who wrote and directed the movie, said that it meant "Toilet Paper Sheet" in the movie.[1]

    Sorry you asked, ChickenMama? LOL

  7. Hi CM,

    I too love sending and receiving cards but I'm one of the pastors of a large church and it's hard to pick and choose who to send to without hurting feelings, so now we just send written greetings to people who are far away and exchange personal greetings with those we see regularly. It's made life so much easier on lots of levels, but I miss it too!

    Homemade rootbeer? How yummy must that be!!

  8. Becky, I totally "get" the who do you send to and who do you not conundrum! Kinda like with weddings: "well, if we invite them, then we also have to invite so-and-so!" It can get out of hand so easily.

    I think you've come up with a good compromise!

    I think MY problem is that I think everyone should be as interested in our life as I am! Ha! I remember one of the first years that Tom and I celebrated with his family, and we got to talking about Christmas cards in general, and, in particular, the lengthy Christmas letter I had sent that year. His niece's husband made some comment about not even bothering to read my letter when he saw how long it was. I was really offended and HURT because I put SO much time into those things . . . but it was a good lesson learned: our life (style, what-have-you) is not of complete interest to everyone . . . and I CAN'T fault them for that!

    I will say, though, that I do get very bored reading the "Suzie's in 10th grade now, and plays the sax in the school band" versions. I always try to make it more interesting than that!

  9. P.S. Erin, oh, but my husband has a LOT of TPS reports to deal with at work. And, that's why I don't have a "normal job". I would go ballistic with all the UNNECESSARY bullsh*t! (I mean, red tape.)



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