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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Good morning! I just noticed that this is my 1,501st post! Cool!

Mother Nature and Jack Frost collaborated on the beautiful scene that dawn presented today. I took all these shots off the deck looking south and west. I can get a really nice vantage point of the valley from the upstairs window above my side of the bed, so I think I'm going to ask Tom to haul the big, cumbersome extension ladder around to that side of the house to climb up and pop that screen out for the winter. A bother, I know, but I think it will be worth it in the shots I'll get.

Can you see the white pine rising out of the fog? While you can't tell here, that tree isn't nearly as glorious as it once was . . . having been struck by lightning during that one big storm a couple of years ago (and now dead).

So, how do you relocate a porcupine? Easy, you just try to catch it! Even when that fails, the little guy or gal will be concerned enough that these new digs might not be the BEST ones . . . and moves on of his/her own free will! (Or so it would seem! I haven't seen our little friend since last Friday when I did try to git 'im.)

The holiday season stress has begun. I lay in bed last night trying to think if it would be the best plan of action (or not) to map out my days between now and Christmas, assigning a particular holiday-related job to each one. I think it's a good idea, in theory, but I'm not sure if it would just cause more stress, in practice. (By, inevitably, seeing some days pass and that particular day's duty go unfinished but yet still needing to be accomplished.) Each year I am determined to make the holiday season a more enjoyable one than the last because it IS my favorite season of the year, but already I'm worried. Do YOU have any tried-and-true methods that work? If I end up going this route, I'll post it and let you help keep me accountable and on track! (In theory.) ;)

You may have noticed the new live feed widget I installed here on the blog. I know it's a bit "busy", but I think it will help me keep up with posting. Oftentimes, I sit at my desk, looking at my blog (as though I'm looking to see if anyone, i.e. ME, has written anything new and interesting!) and wonder, "Is ANYONE reading this? Does anyone ever CHECK my blog?" But now . . . I know! YES, people ARE checking it out! And, if I wrote more frequently, they'd probably check even MORE often! So, I know it's all psychological, but I think it will help.


  1. Gak! I haven't even gotten as far as figuring out WHAT needs to be done before Christmas let alone being able to schedule the tasks out day by day. But it does sound like a terribly (as in "good") sensible system. Hmmm, gonna have to think about that. It'll be interesting to hear what system you do decide to go with.

    P.S. Gorgeous pictures!

  2. I only check it about 3 times a day. ;)

  3. Great photos! If I don't comment for awhile, it's only because I am on the road to MN! But I WILL be reading :)

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! I just love a frosty, sunny morning too.

  5. Mom, well, we have 36 days remaining. How terrifying is THAT?!!! I haven't started assigning my To Do list to specific days, yet, but already I think it exceeds the 36 days! (Imagine that.)

    C, damn straight. Glad to hear that. ;p By the way, YOU are overdue for a post, no?

    Erin, THANKS for being a great cheerleader!!! :) So, WHERE in MN??

    You, too, Ruthie - thanks for the great comments. They truly do keep me goin'!

  6. WOW!! How many posts?? I know I'm not doing good numbers wise, but I'm not sure I"ll ever get there!
    I usually pick up a blog and then go back to the beginning and read it all the way through. Yours should take me all the way to the end of tax season!! (shh..I read them while I'm making copies and stapling returns and things together.Hubby just thinks I'm slow!!)I will enjoy getting to know you and your adventures...

  7. Yes we do read your blog maybve not everyday but at least once a week.

    Xmas oh no I am all done with that already.

    Tucker look comfy. Youir pictures are beautiful but they make me cold.


  8. Karen Sue, yayyy: I'm so glad to have a new reader! With your comment about my number of posts, I was curious to know how long I've had this blog, and I'm AMAZED! I started in May of 2005!!! 4+ years! I never woulda guessed! Now I think I'LL have to go back and see what we were doing at the beginning! :) We've come a long way, baby!

    Jean, I'm glad you read and keep tabs on your (one of your many) "son(s)". I refer to you around here as "his birth mother". ;) And you have X-mas all wrapped up already?? Riiiiiight. :)

  9. What a beautiful view. Makes me think of a frosty morning, a pair of comfy pajamas, warm socks, a warm cozy room, a cup of tea and a newspaper to read.

  10. Beautiful, just beautiful!

    Love the new widget.

    Don't plan too much - too much pressure. I am a list person myself but have learned not to beat myself up about things - well most of the time.

  11. Judy, thanks! And, all you forgot was the snap-crackle-and-pop of the wood fire! (Although you did say "warm cozy room") ;)

    TJ, you don't beat yourself up about anything? Riiiiiight. :)

  12. Sometimes it is just easier said than done. BUT the important thing to remember is life is very precious and do what makes you happy.


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