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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

You've Gotta Be Kidding!

This is an old(er) post, but due to our Internet problems, I'm just getting it up now.

October 07, 2009

We're still in bad shape regarding Internet / e-mail service. So, don't depend on it (e-mail) to get ahold of me like usual. Yesterday I had service in the AM but then none in the afternoon or PM. Today I have afternoon service after none this AM. Go figure. And, my use of the Internet is V-E-R-Y limited.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Earlier, I was outside doing some fall cleanup in the garden . . . until I got chased out by . . . bugs. Yes, BUGS. Mosquitoes & flies. In October. Obviously, we "grow 'em hearty" (or is that hardy?) up here, but, in this case, that's NOT a good thing. I didn't get any bites, but they sure were bothersome, flying in my face. Had I needed to stay longer, I would have had to come inside for my head net!!!

Thanks to an off-hand and brief conversation weekend before last while I was crocheting granny squares for a quilt, I am now addicted to crocheting hats. (Want one?!) The thing I enjoy about granny squares is their ease in both making & transportability (is that a word?). I can shove a small skein of yarn & a crochet hook in my purse, and I have a wonderful, productive thing to do, no matter WHERE I was. But now? INSTANT gratification! No sewing the squares together at a later date. With hats, I can have a finished product pretty darn speedily.

Continuing now on the 14th of October . . . .

I have cranked out 3 hats now, and I have a 4th nearly complete. The first was a complete test: me trying to figure out how to do it! And, I will boast that the shape was PERFECT. But, it would have fit . . . a Barbie. (I'll take a picture & post it some day when I feel that you need a good laugh.)

Here's my first human-sized hat. It's mine. I mean: for me. I wear it ALL the time since I finished it - inside the house, too! It's a slouchy berét style. Maybe that's what I'll call it: the Slouch Berét. Ber
ét Slouch? (Any better suggestions?)

This is my second - your Basic Tuque (with embellishment) - and is for my nephew (nephew by friendship, not family - his mom & I have been besties for 33 years now!). I am his Una, and Tom is his Unu. I love our names: (U)p (N)orth (A)untie & (U)p (N)orth (U)ncle! Now I just need to get it packaged up and sent.

And, this is the 3rd / nearly finished. Matter of fact, it may BE finished. Dunno if it needs one more row on the headband or not. I envision it on the head of a beautiful black woman. Unfortunately, in this area of nearly-only Scandinavian & German descendants, I have only one recipient in mind, and I have NO idea if she'd have any interest. BUT, I am going to run it by two of her best girlfriends to get a read on whether or not she might be amenable to being gifted with a such a noggin topper. :) Name / style suggestions? It's kinda Lapland-esque, no?


  1. The thing that blows my mind about these hats that Chicken Mama (alias my very talented daughter) is cranking out is that she's making them out without any kind of a pattern to follow whatsoever. (Matter of fact, she can't even READ a crochet pattern.) I asked her how she's doing it and she replied, "I just keep crocheting until it looks like a hat."

    Wish she would have modeled the last (purple) one on her little ol' head as it is sooo stylish!

    Obviously she inherited my mom's crocheting genes (which skipped me entirely) because Mom could replicate any crocheted item she saw (no matter how complicated) just by having seen it once. ('Course, Chicken Mama also got my mom's faulty knee joint genes, too. Sorry, hon.)

  2. Your hats turned out really nice. I love making hats too because they go so quick.
    I like your laundry picture in the blog header--I'm looking forward to a sunny weekend when I can hang some laundry outside again.


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