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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The Past Few Days in Pictures

I know I haven't posted much lately.
No particular reason - just haven't seem to have found the time!
So, here's a little catch up.

On Monday, September 7th, I nannied.
When Baby Girl was having her afternoon nap,
I was able to clean and cut green & wax beans for freezing.

On Wednesday, September 9th, Maisy (and Tucker)
and I nannied one of my other charges.

With the peanut's help, I also got the beans blanched, packed, and frozen.

On my way to deliver a special order of cottage cheese on Thursday, the 10th, I found two weary hikers sitting at the bottom of our driveway - the husband having twisted his 68-year old ankle - and drove them the 16 miles to our little general store on the highway where they planned to hitchhike (!) the next 60 miles or so to their car left in Finland, MN.

I also picked up our mail. We get so much and are able to pick it up so infrequently that, instead of using our physical post office box to file it in, they just throw it into one of these big bins!

On Sunday, the 13th, dear friends arrived for a full day of house cleaning for the girls and standing-dead tree felling for the guys.

(And it was a hot, miserable day to spend logging!)

Thank you, thank you, J & H!

That evening, two other mutual friends joined us for a good dinner and great company.

The waning moon was a tiny crescent in the sky as I waved Tom off to work last Monday morning.

On Wednesday evening, Tom loaded the truck up with wood when we were in town. A good friend put up a couple of cords in expectation of a pig roast that never happened, and we get to reap the benefits!

Before I headed back into town to meet visiting friends Thursday afternoon,
I unloaded the truck. This was the first of two loads we've gotten so far, and there's more yet to be had!

Another fun day with Baby Girl came on Saturday. She has the most beautifully colored blue eyes I've ever seen . . . they are the color of the acid-wash jeans that we wore in the 80s!

Finally, we finished off the week with a visit from new friends who came all the way from southeastern Minnesota and stayed at our little Håfweh Haus. They ventured "into the woods" to have dinner here at Swamp River Ridge last night and enjoyed the double bonus of following a moose for nearly 3 miles on their way home last night!

Now, what will this week bring?


  1. Great post. Pictures are . . . are . . . are WONDERFUL!

  2. I hate to say "it's a small world" but the hikers sitting at the bottom of your road are Pat and Carol, who live three houses from us in Shorewood. We didn't know there were headed your way until after they had left. On their return we said that they should have looked up my sister and niece!! I guess they did!!

    Uncle John

  3. Uncle John,

    GET OUT!!!

    Well, when they told me where they were from, I told them where I'd been born, yadda, yadda, yadda. That is INSANE!!!!


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  5. What a small world. To top it all off, I know your new friends from Southeastern MN. I have been to their place several times and ridden on the 4 wheeler with Melissa and the big hairy dog who is so adorable it's not even funny(looking at trees for my job...)! They live north of us about 4 miles. Nice folks!

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