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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

When Yer Git Up 'N' Go, Has Got Up 'N' Went . . . .

Do you remember that TV ad - or was it a song from 'Schoolhouse Rock'? - that went, "When yer get up 'n' go . . . has got up and went (you hanker for a hunk o' cheese)"? Yup, that's been me the last couple of days. (Minus the cheese part.)

Since Monday morning, I haven't HAD to go-go-go like usual, but - instead of getting energized to finally GET THINGS DONE - my energy has taken a nosedive. Hmph.
And, now that I examine the past days, I guess it only HAS been two days . . . Monday and Tuesday . . . and Monday was involved with other stuff, so, in reality, it's only been yesterday that I was lazy. And, today I have the spark of energy back, so I think I'll actually get some stuff done. Funny how that all works, though, ain't it? Guess I should have enjoyed yesterday for what it was and not tried to force the issue all day like I did. Sigh. Live and learn. Someday. ;)

We had friends over for dinner Sunday night - a going away gathering for the little sister of a good friend. She spent the summer here working, and I was just incredibly "taken" with her. She's an amazing young woman - way more mature and sensible than I was at 17. Definitely YEARS older than her number of birthdays suggest. She has a brother and a sister who have already moved here, coincidentally enough, and we're all trying to convince her to call this place home after she graduates from high school in the spring. (I don't think it will be too hard.) I do feel for their mom a bit, though . . . losing her kids to the North Shore!

Here we are, having dessert in the sunroom in front of a crackling fire. The visiting sister is on the bed, then J & his PG wife (due in December - I keep telling her that she needs to "POP"!), and then Tom . . . just getting ready to do his, "Is this EAR-itating?" to H. ;)

I took this shot a week ago today . . . there's no doubt that fall is in the air, whether we're ready for it or not! Mother Nature waits for no one!

And, with that, I'm off. I think I'm going to have a girls' night cook-out on the beach tonight with the wife of the dear friends who came over Sunday night. And, I know I'll feel better enjoying the evening if I get a good amount of STUFF done today. See ya!

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