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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Shoulds . . . and Dids!

So, today I actually DID:
  • Respond to have-to e-mails.
  • Brushed teeth & washed face (better late than never, right?).
  • Recorded yesterday's high & low temps (84 in the shade, YUCK!).
  • Scrubbed the hummingbird feeder out with vinegar & refilled it; gave the birds some seed.
  • Scrubbed the compost bucket out with vinegar. (Anything else need to be cleaned with vinegar while I have it handy?!)
  • Folded one load of laundry.
  • Took another load down off the line and folded it.
  • Tossed some water into the birdbath, refilled the large water dish for the dogs . . . after the toad who spends his mornings in it had vacated.
  • Took a little video of another toad! (Will be posted Friday, if not before.)
  • Gave myself 45 minutes to start a novel that's been bouncing around in my head for a while. Only took 32 minutes to get the first 725 words down. Working title? 'The Hired Hand'. (I'm sure that will change the next time I work on it, though!)
  • Did way more than an hour's worth of dishes.
  • Cooked the pasta for the salad, mixed in some mayo & dill weed to get the flavors started.
  • Lost COMPLETE track of time when Tom called to tell me about an amazing, potential JOB OFFER he got today! Granted, it's in New Mexico (!), but still!!! (Mom, sorry I didn't have a chance to call you about it, but it is what you think it is!)
  • Got more than an hour's worth of ironing done.
  • Let the heat get the best of me (ironing didn't help) and used that as an excuse to lie down to watch a movie ('V for Vendetta': GOOD!).
  • Got some work done in the garden between the time the sun went down and the no-see-ums came out.
  • Did evening chores followed by a tiny bit of deskwork (including some of the prep for that ULINE order).
Annnnd, that's about it.

Tom had a LONG day. He was spared the heat because he was painting townhouses about 63 miles from home on the big lake. Then, after a full day of that, he did a couple of hours worth of work for another of the county's painters . . . and finally rolled on home. He says that his dogs are barkin'! (Understandably!)

Unfortunately, the no-see-ums are finding me here in the library tonight now, too. (The light attracts them to . . . and then THROUGH . . . the window screens.) So, I'll sign off for now.


  1. I just watched your hummingbird video. How did it turn out with that little guy? I think sometimes they just run out of energy--especially early in the morning when they're still chilly from overnight. I've had that happen before and I usually try to dip their beak into some nectar to encourage them to drink and get their strength back. If you can set them in a box or bucket somewhere warm, that might help too.
    (And isn't being able to hold one in your hand just about the neatest thing ever!!)

  2. Wait a min.. I thought living off the grid meant never needing to do ironing!! Although, I suppose it helps make fabrics more comfy after they have dried in the sun..
    I can't wait to read your novel! Have you written one before??

  3. Ruthie,

    The little hummer made it . . . I'm assuming. I did do the dip-the-beak-in-sugar-water and then set him in a high, protected place outside. When I went out a while later, he was gone. So, I'm choosing to believe that he's alive and well. I often wonder which of the little guys he is these days, zipping to & fro out there! :) And, yeah, holding one in the hand: something I never thought I'd have a chance to do!

    Mizz Noble,

    Actually, living off grid probably means that you SHOULDN'T iron! :) It takes so many watts. Buuuut, in the summertime when sunshine is more than plentiful enough to keep the batteries at a full charge, I can, generally speaking, iron to my heart's content. But, I do try to do it during periods of full sun.

    And, the novel? I've started a couple, but this one actually feels like I could put some concentrated time towards it. We'll see! Nice to know someone besides my parents might buy it! ;)

  4. Wait. We'd have to BUY a copy?

  5. Mama,

    Hardee-har-har. Okay, okay, I guess you wouldn't. Not YOUR copy, anyway. But all the ones you'd buy to send to your nearest & dearest for Christmas that year? Yes!


  6. Glad to see the writing has begun.

    I will happily send $$ now to reserve a first edition copy. Cannot wait to see it, and good luck to Tom, I think(?), for NM.



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