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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

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A bit of admin this morning . . . . Yes, I know the photo of the house at the top of the blog is all flooey. I've done everything on my end to fix it, and it seems to be a SNAFU on Blogger's part. So, just try to ignore it 'til it's fixed, I guess! :)

Tom has started spending some time in his workshop during the evenings again - most recently beginning to build his mini dogsleds again! (Yes, I will get a picture/info up about them soon, TJ!) He hadn't had time to get any made for the Pre-Christmas Artisans' Sale on the 1st, but we did have a display model out. And, based on that one, he did take one order . . . and we didn't even have it "highlighted". I mean, no price tag or anything suggesting it was anything more than decoration for my table. I know that when he does get a bunch made, they'll sell like hotcakes!

The weather has been mild lately with a high of around 19 degrees each day. I wish we'd get more snow. That which we have is getting that "old" look to it. I have to run down to the post office today and will take the plow truck to "clean up" the road. Now that the snowmobiles are out, they've knocked down all the nice, clean snowbanks along the side. (What is it about riding a snowmobile up and down snowbanks when you have a perfectly good, newly-groomed riding trail SMACK DAB NEXT TO THE ROAD??? I just don't get it.)

Sadly, I don't think I'm going to get a tree up this year. Christmas is my most favorite holiday, but we've still got SO much going on . . . and are still so far behind and constantly trying to play catch-up . . . that I've found myself needing to drastically prioritize. And, getting Christmas cards out, food made for the holidays, and presents wrapped are getting the top billing. But, there's still a little time, so who knows. Problem is, if I don't get it up until the very last days until Christmas, I won't want to take it down until Easter! ;)

Tom's done the research on a new, beautiful little woodstove for the 4-season sunroom and he's going to drive to Ely to pick it up this week. It's glass-fronted like the one we had in the old house, and we can't wait to sit around a crackling fire again. Yes, we did just install the Kalamazoo in the middle room (between the diningroom and livingroom), but that has just three very small little viewing windows. And, the sunroom is so much cooler because of being nearly all glass that a cozy little woodstove will take the chill right off . . . and then we'll use that space more! I can't wait! So, yet another chimney installation project faces us (probably Tom and my dad again - they're getting it down pat now!).

Otherwise, not much to report. Tom and his staff are working on getting the new accounting system in which affects everything from time clocks to payroll . . . and which, of course, is not going smoothly (does anything?). So, he's been working some longer days due to that.

And, I'm just trying, trying, trying to get ready for Christmas . . . without losing my enjoyment of it in the busyness. How is it that even though you know JUST when it's going to happen each year, without fail it STILL sneaks up on a person!?

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