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- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
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The Day the USPS Went Postal

I know I haven't posted in a while, but this is urgent . . . and so, SO absolutely insane.  But, it *is* the government, after all.

Check out Nano.  He's my friend's dog.  Fearsome, isn't he?
A mail carrier has accused Nano of biting her on the inner thigh (how?!  did he levitate?), causing "multiple punctures".  (No photographic evidence has been provided.  Perhaps because it doesn't, actually, exist?)

Now, the USPS has suspended mail delivery to the ENTIRE multi-unit complex in which Nano and his human live.  Ultimately, the USPS wants Nano killed.  Yesterday, if not sooner.  At best, they want him and his human to move.  Which, ironically, would *not* solve the perceived "problem" because they (the USPS) have said they'll notify the mail carrier at the new location that a vicious hound lives there.

Please read my friend's newly-created (specifically for this situation) blog
Please also read the article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Peace out,
Chicken Mama & Tucker
-Friends in Arms & Paws-


  1. Can your friend have the sanity of the alleged victim tested? She is obviously mad. This really gets my undies in a bunch. After reading the article, I say it is no wonder at all that the USPS is in the sorry state it's in. With leadership like this, we're better off communicating with smoke signals. I hope there is such a stink raised that they back off and work on bigger problems - like balancing their budget. Idjuts.

  2. That's just insane with 0 proof of an actual bite! She could certainly have seen a postal union doc for a least a visual check of a possible bite. The USPS is indeed such a sorry state, and that's a clear example. Arrogance, and sheer stupidity. They should try and keep their jobs. I no sympathy for the carrier at this point. Crime committed? Prove it....

  3. Just read the latest on Nano's destiny. All is well at this point. Mail service will be resumed and Nano LIVES ON!

  4. Yes! Here's one hot-off-the-presses:

    "Hey all - I've heard from a few people asking for an update on the Nano/USPS situation. So here ya go:

    In an unexpected turn of events, the USPS resumed mail service to the building on July 3. The original plan was for me to have my MACC hearing and to provide written proof I was in compliance. No clue what changed over at the USPS to make them resume service, but they did.

    Nano and I still have our MACC (Animal Control) hearing coming up on July 9. Our hope is that this will go in our favor and maybe even be completely overturned. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    And then there is a civil suit in the works This is why I'm doing the fundraising campaign because I have to have an attorney to represent us since I haven't the first clue how to do anything legal.

    As for Nano, he thought the July 4th fireworks were pretty exciting (he likes them) and has been recognized by fans during our neighborhood walks, which is pretty adorable. He's just stoked to have new people making a fuss over him. Then again, Nano would make friends with a tree stump if he thought it would pet him.

    As always, if you have a dollar or two to spare, please consider a donation to Nano's legal defense fund: https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/nano-the-day-the-usps-went-postal-on-my-dog

    Thank you so much!
    Alicia and Nano"

    The civil suit she's talking about is from the postal worker who was so severely attacked (cough, cough!). I suspect the "victim" is trying to sue because the USPS *does* seem to have dropped the issue.

  5. I think that postal carrier needs a long vacation and another job. I cant believe they haven't been made to show proof of that bite. Ridiculous. And...since you know me, you know where I am coming from. I have had a hard time believing this issue from the get go. I didn't realize they could be quite this stupid! (For lack of a better term)

  6. Hi Chicken Mama! Are you done with your blog? I check for updates once in awhile, but nothing since the one about the dog and the crazy postal carrier. Crazy postal carrier? Is that redundant? Shouldn't say that--my dad was a career postman. LOL! Hope you're doing okay and enjoying the harvest! Take care.


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