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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Lawdy, lawdy . . . a post!

"My" Baby Girl is moving, and this does not make Bopee happy.  I *never* considered that one of my families might move:  it simply never entered my mind!  But, the daddy got a big promotion and has transferred to Wisconsin.  When I first heard "Wisconsin" I thought sure it would be a big city and far away, say Eau Claire or Madison.  My immediate sadness was MUCH allayed, however, when I discovered that their new home will be only 3.5 hours away . . . and only 1.5 hours past the big city where I have to go, anyway, for doctor/eye/etc. appointments!  So, this *is* doable!  Still, don't think that tears haven't been shed.  :(

The above collage is one I put together for 'C's Special Book' that I'm making her.  It's really just a 3-ring binder in which she can save special papers, drawings, etc. for the walls of her new bedroom.  See, they are living in their camper this summer while they wait to get into their new house, and I thought this would be a fun way for her to collect her artwork from the summer AND help her look forward to her new bedroom.  :)

I took care of Bunny and his big sister (aka The Peanut) a week or so ago, and as we neared the end of the day and time for Mom & Dad to come home, I wanted to do up the day's dishes. 
The little man wanted to do the dishes himself, and I could *not* dissuade him short of a temper tantrum.  So, choosing my battles, I decided to let him (who turned just 3 in April) "wash" all the dishes . . . and then I would redo them.  As he was washing, I questioned him on his insistence re doing the dishes.  "WHY do you want to do the dishes?"  "'Cause", he says, "it's dangur-wuss!"  Hahahaha - melts Bopee's heart!  (I wonder if that's the reason his parents give him so that he doesn't try to help each time they do dishes?!)

Earlier in the day, we three had gone on an "adventure" (long walk), and I had the pleasure of finding a Nodding Trillium . . . an early-summer flower I've always wanted to see but had not yet been in the right physical environment to do so!

When we'd begun our walk, we were out in the big field south of the house when Tucker pooped.  Hearing me exclaim, "Oh!  I'd better get the shovel so I can scoop the poop," Bunny took off and came back carrying the big shovel with a determined stride in his step.  I tell ya, we grow 'em right here in the Northwoods!  :)

I have a set nannying gig every 2nd and 4th Thursday night of each month - taking care of Bundle of Joy and the twins (already 7 months old!!!) while their folks are at their volunteer fire dept. meetings.  It was the dad's birthday this past Sunday, and since tonight is the first time I'll see them since then, I'm making his annual Banana Cream Pie birthday "cake".  Back when I was at The Big House (Swamp River Ridge), I made the pie with goose eggs, and those make the richest cream filling you can imagine.  I was just thinking about it - and fresh-from-the-farm ingredients - because I just went out to the chicken house to collect the three eggs I need for the recipe.  Talk about FRESH!  (Too, kind of neat:  it's a cool, wet day so I made a fire . . . and then figured "why don't I cook the custard on the wood stove instead of plugging in the hot plate?!"  Brilliant.  I love being able to do things like that.)

Here's the little man during dinner time just over a month ago.  
"Mmmmm!  GIMME, Bopee!"
The twins are experimenting with cereal and food:  *he's* open to just about anything, but she's a bit more discerning.  Perhaps they're falling into stereotypical male/female roles already?  ;)

I'll finish with this.  The last time I was working in one of the storage units, I came across this:  the book I started so long ago!  SOME day, I will get back to it!  All the same, it was neat to be reminded of the solid start I have on it.  I'd forgotten that.

P.S.  The new header is of Baby Girl and her BFF when I had them both a couple of weeks ago.  I did a little graphic designing and super-imposed on the top left 'Friends Forever' and then framed a print for both of them.  You can't tell in the picture, but they were holding hands when I caught the candid moment.  :)


  1. Hearing the story of Bunny and his yearning to do the dishes reminds me so much of when you were that age and even younger. I simply could not do the dishes without you dragging a chair across the kitchen floor so you could "help" me. You know how I've always detested the chore of doing the dishes and having you "help" made the process go six times slower than if I could have zipped through them by myself. More than once I remember bending over, banging my head on the counter and thinking, "Oh gawd, I can't wait until I don't have so much help!!"

    P.S. So GOOD to see you post!

  2. Cute! So what's with Bopee? Is a nickname or?

    1. Bopee is the name that one of the little ones I nanny for started calling me when she was learning to talk . . . which is weird since it's NOWHERE NEAR my real name! Anyway, it stuck, and now all my littles call me either that or Una (yet another story)! :)

  3. Glad you're back!
    Yeah.....kids and dishes. I just step back and let the mess happen, no use fighting it when they want to "help".

    1. Don't know if I'm *totally* back . . . we'll see. ;)


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