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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction, True or False?
(Or what to write when you feel like you don't have much to say.)

  1. I won the lottery!  The pot was $11.3 million, and it's tax free!  No one has to know that I won (except you, so no bothersome notoriety), and I can share it with all my friends and family!  Again, tax-free! 
  2. Tucker needs to get shaved again, and I have to trim his nails.
  3. I've finally gotten EVERYTHING put away here in this tiny dump cabin, and the place is immaculate!
  4. I've gotten my days so well organized that there's nothing for me to do in the evenings or on Sundays but take hikes with Tucker, do fun things with/for friends, and work on my photography!
  5. I have to make a big pot of laundry soap today.  It's a (very) small thing that I do for both myself and Mom in payment for using their washer and dryer.  Still, as with ALL "small things", it takes time.
  6. In addition to winning the lottery, I've been offered a brand new job that pays $35/hour, and I get to hand-pick my fellow employees.  Better yet, I won't have to interact with idiots tourists!
  7. I got the new chicken yard fully enclosed and finished AND an insulated house built for them, complete with windows!  I have enough time now to sit back and watch them for hours, clucking away and scraping on the forest floor for bugs. 
  8. I've bought a piece of land completely surrounded by state and federal acreage, and the plans for my new, modified (from SRR!) dream house are underway!  The house site is high on a ridge with open fields below and the woods gently enfolding the back of the house-to-be on the north side.  You should see the view!
  9. Dosie, the dead cat, is on her third walk-about since she started taking these bothersome jaunts a month or so ago.  Today is Day 6 of her absence this time.  Each time she leaves, I'm convinced it's the last time.  :(
  10. My tasks for the day will be split between emptying out my folks' one woodshed of all my stuff jammed in there / finding places to put it, and doing dishes and cleaning up this pit.
  11. At the suggestion of co-workers (who love him), I've started reading William Kent Krueger's first novel (audio book).  I'm not sold.  Granted, this is - I suspect - in large part due to the narrator who makes LOTS of pronunciation errors (American Indian words), and that annoys this grammar freak NO END!
  12. I need more coffee.  And a donut.  Fortunately, I have the most important of those two at my disposal.
  13. The (visiting) family vacation was WONDERFUL, and I miss them all and that time at their rented house on the gorgeous lake!
  14. The family wants me to move to California (if only for a while), and there is free rent and a house to share with my cousin (whom I adore) and her daughter (meh - she's alright, too - HA!) on acres of orange groves.  All I'd have to do is close up this cabin, pack the critters into the car, and start driving.
  15. I'm a numismatic.
  16. All the work so many of my broody hens put into sitting on eggs has resulted in three (born alive) chicks . . . but only 1 remains.  The first one got stepped on and died.  The second got an eye pecked out almost immediately after leaving the nest and died.  Third one's the charm?  Plus, I haven't taken any pictures of it like I did the first two - in case that jinxes things!  S/he's a couple of weeks old now and beginning to feather out. 
  17. Strange combination of things I could reach from where I'm sitting:  antique electrical pole insulator, an old piece of wood that looks like a Cave Man's wrench, the unwrapped birthday presents for Bundle of Joy's mama (whose birthday was July 12th),  a good-old fashioned gallon of apple cider in a glass jar (purchased mostly because I wanted the jar and had a coupon!), a chainsaw, a painted rock that my sweet "niece" (cousin's daughter) made for me during the vacation, a single chopper (leather work mitten), and a rotten banana and plum.
  18. I finally got new tires on the car, and so I'm no longer driving around with two spares in the back!
  19. I spent one ENTIRE Sunday, a couple weeks back, scrubbing every centimeter of my upright freezer, and so I finally have FREEZERATION!  Still no refrigeration, but FREEZERATION!  For the first time since last January, I bought a quart of ice cream this week.  Peppermint Bon-Bon, natch.  The freezer resides on the White Trash deck.
  20. Today wraps up the biggest summer celebration of our town . . . which means that summer is pretty much over.  OVER?! 

And, with that, I guess I'll sign off.  I was talking to a friend on Facebook this morning, and I asked her for some ideas to blog about.  She suggested, "make some sh*t up."  BRILLIANT!  ;)  So, real answers (for those that you probably can't automatically figure out) are below.

3.  False
6.  False
7.  False
9.  True 
14.  True
15.  True
18.  False

 Have a happy Sunday!

P.S.  In the new header picture are Mama & Papa Pea (in the kayaks) and myself with my "niece" (cousin's daughter) in the canoe.



  1. Love the new header pic and moving to CA bit! And, YOU POSTED today!! I check daily and was pleasantly surprised today.

  2. one foot in front of the other ,that is how we all keep it together. Glad you still have your humor


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