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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Beautiful Day

Good morning!  It's a supremely beautiful day out there, and, so far, the bugs seem to be minding their own business - let's hope it stays that way!

I did an abysmal job on my selected Hours last Thursday, thanks to Ma Nature.  Every hour or so, it would DOWNPOUR and nothing dried out (of course) in the short, 60-minute reprieves.  The only outside task I managed to complete (because I was so determined to do so!) was cleaning out the refrig.  I took out every single thing removable and then cleaned the empty interiors.  Didn't get the stuff I took out cleaned and put back in, as I was mostly concerned about just getting the thing plugged in.

So, it was with much celebration that I plugged it in that evening and added the few groceries I had to it.  Fast forward to Friday morning when I opened it up to check the temperature.  It was down to (get ready for it!) . . . 57 degrees.  The damn thing is DEAD!  It's SO frustrating because that is, basically, a brand-new, expensive machine.  (With time going by so quickly, its purchase 5 - 7? - years ago makes it seem brand new!)  I e-mailed a refrigeration serviceman friend I know for suggestions, but I haven't heard back from him yet.  My ONLY desperate hope is that the extension cord I was running to it is not strong enough for the current it requires.  I hauled out one of the Big Dog cords and will plug that in today . . . but I'm not feeling hopeful.  My dad's suggestion regarding the WHY?! of it is that these newer machines are not geared for sitting in freezing temperatures (as it was since January).  But, it doesn't have an ice maker or anything, so what is there to freeze?  And, with all the people moving (foreclosures, down-sizing) these days, aren't there going to be a LOT of refrigerators sitting in storage units?  If this IS the problem (that something froze), I'm gonna be awfully grumpy that they don't make that into a big, ol' warning sign attached right next to the door!  Then, too, there's the financial loss and disposal issue associated with losing the use of this thing.  ARGH!  SO frustrating!  And still no ice-cold beer.

Here's a shot of the beast the day Papa Pea and I moved it up.  (Those LP cylinders are all empty and need to be hauled away - yet another item on the To Do list.)
Even my cleaning-and-organizing tasks of last Thursday were thwarted by the rain.  This cabin is so small that to really do any organization, I have to haul things out onto the deck.  Which, natch, was impossible due to the rain.  So, I'm looking forward to doing that today.  In addition to a basic repeat of the last Hours list, I'm going to fix the MAKE a screen for the only (main room) south-facing window in here.  I haven't been able to use it because of the lack of screen (and entrance of skeeters, etc.).

That and making hummer water are my only real additions to last Thursday's Hours.

I haven't heard back from the bank following my e-mails to them that I would happily provide the photographic proof that the personal property in question was owned WAY before Swamp River Ridge ever came into existence.  Their silence worries me.  Either the loan guy is being nice and trying to convince his superiors of same OR they're beginning some legal process against me.  What a crock (of you-know-what).

So, with that, I'm off to Get Things Done!  Oh, and I really MUST change the bed today, too.

What does YOUR Sunday look like?


  1. Working in the garden! Gotta take advantage of this nice weather. Of course, on a day when I vow to spend it outside all day on various and sundry thingies, I keep thinking of so many little tasks I really want to get done inside. Where the heck is my clone?? (I'm leaving a detailed list for her here in the house. Hope she shows up.)

  2. I wouldn't worry about the bank, they are just probably thanking their lucky stars that you don't go after them for harassment. :)

    Sorry about the fridge...not good at all. Sure hope you can get it fired up!

    Nothing much going on here today in NC, puttering in getting stuff cleaned and put away from our recent move. Would much rather be outside finishing up turning over the area for the garden, but it rained too much.

  3. You need to get an ice chest and a big block of ice just to have some cold beer this weekend! That sucks about your refrigerator. I'm hoping you just need a stronger/more powerful electrical cord.

  4. Miss your posts and hope you are doing well. Know things are keeping you super busy but wanted you to know you are missed in the blog neighborhood.


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