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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Hi, I'm here.  Prompted much by you who have written, asking where I am and if anything's wrong.  And I thank you for that. 

No, nothing's wrong . . . other than probably . . . finally . . . letting myself "let down" after the constant, energy-requiring stresses of the past couple of years.  And, in particular, last year.  So, in short, I just haven't had the energy to write.  Or do much thinking, either.

And, honestly, I find myself *REALLY* (can I stress that enough?!) missing my hour-long commutes in the AM and PM.  They were my thinking time (including what to blog about).  My transition time.  My time to see the changes that Mother Nature daily brings to our environmental surroundings.  And, it's different, being restricted to such a small portion (all things being relative) of the Outdoors.  The woods where my little cabin is nestled is very close and fairly dense.  I do outside work right around the cabin here, but that and my path to and from my parking spot are the extent of my "space".  And I'm used to lots of open space with the trees out a ways, at the perimeters.  Used to a long driveway.  Another long spur up to the old trapper cabin area and down the old logging road towards the Canadian border.  I certainly don't suffer from claustrophobia here (I don't think), but I definitely feel very . . . contained.  Speaking in the context of Nature surrounding me.  (But I'll remember to thank my lucky stars that I don't live in a little apartment in the city, too!!)

A lot of that containment, restriction can be fairly easily remedied:  there are SOOOO many downed trees here that I need to cut up and use for firewood / remove.  I've been wanting to do that ever since I moved in, but my primary chainsaw was both packed away and in desperate need of a sharpened chain.  JUST this week, I've dug it out, and it's sitting - in pieces - on my deck in the midst of a deep clean.  When that's done (tonight, I hope), down to Papa Pea it will go in the hopes that he has an already-sharpened chain to put on it . . . saving the dull one for an extra moment (ha!) to tune that one up for me.  And I have no idea where my bar oil is.  I'll have to buy a new jug.

I'd hoped my first post "back at it" would be incredibly insightful and creative, but . . . here's whatcha get!  Because, with that, my time's up:  I need to iron some clothes for the work day.  HAPPILY, though, I have TWO consecutive days off in front of me, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.  Getting some things DONE around here should help my general lack of sense of cheer.

Thanks for hangin' on.  :)



  1. Glad to hear from you. And you know, you're right about the commute giving you thinking time. Although I wouldn't want to go back to my work commute in the 'burbs, it DID give me a full 45 minutes twice a day to just think about stuff. Between screaming at people cutting me off and trying to avoid those guys that are most definitely NOT in HS, yet trying to sell you a box of M&M's for their HS booster club.
    Yeah. Don't miss that.

    Gott'a get that wood pile going....only like two more months until winter's upon you guys again, right?

  2. Life can be like that, a real grind. Take your time and blog when you want to!

  3. Good to hear from you! And ditto Nancy, no rush with the blog. Just glad you are OKAY! Take good care.

  4. HI Glad to hear that everything is settling down. Catch and life will follow

  5. Glad to hear you are settling out a bit. Fire wood the yearly chore for those of us living in country spaces. Seems like the need for wood never ceases. Glad you are back.

  6. Well, thank goodness. I thought you had given up on us! Kidding. Glad that you are stirring - it will be so much easier to just breathe, once the weather clears. I know what you mean about the commute. As much as I mitch and boan about mine, it is my time for reflection and creative thought as well. Hang in there, cutie!

  7. So glad to hear from you :) It's completely understandable that you finally hit that point where you need to process all that has happened. Keeping you in prayers.

  8. Wonderful to see a post and know your OK. The long drive home although a PITB in some way was valuable. Making this new place *home* will come. Sounds as if you have plenty of outside work to keep you busy for a season at least!

  9. Longtime reader from down southJune 20, 2013 8:50 AM

    Did you see that the bank now has your house for sale? It's crazy how far below tax value it is. Any thoughts on the price? Maybe a blog post?


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