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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


I have a little time this morning:  it's the last of my requested extra days off before I have to be out of the house.  I have 6 full and 1 partial day(s) there to finish up before I must be out by January 5th.  Thankfully, the upcoming holiday weeks are providing me with two extra days when I'd normally be at work - but we're closed.  And, I'm taking Christmas off, which *could* be a full working day there.

I'm still fairly upbeat on a daily basis, but there isn't much "good" to report.  I'm just going through the necessary motions of vacating my dream, my life, as required by The Bank . . . and as the final fall-out of the divorce.  I'm at the point now of just wanting the house and property to be quickly snapped up by someone who will love and care for it.  After weeks of me suggesting that they do so (with absolutely NO response to my e-mails), the bank has finally hired someone to winterize the place, and I'm meeting with him on Thursday.  Unbelievably enough, I don't think any of the infrastructure has been lost yet, to freezing.  And, I swear, it's only by my sheer will and determination that nothing's frozen yet.  Oh, yeah, and absolute luck!

But, believe me, whenever I begin to so much as feel "down" about my situation, I just think of Connecticut.  I have absolutely *NOTHING* to complain about.  'Nuff said.  

I've been multi-tasking as I write this post and so feel like I've been here for an age and am ready to get on with the day.  But, I know I haven't written much.  All I WANT to do is cuddle back down in bed.  I am *soooooo* tired these days.  But, fewer than 3 weeks, and I can sleep all I want on my days off.

I'm coordinating with another packing crew for the day, and I have a few errands to run in town before I head out to SRR this morning.  This cabin is getting pretty claustrophobic.  Because I have to take advantage of packers when I have 'em, things (clothes) that can't be stored in the storage units as is (due to mice, etc.) - that I'd PLANNED on sorting through, eliminating many, and then packing in plastic totes - are now stacked halfway up the height of the first floor of the cabin.  The place is so tiny to begin with, and now I, literally, only have a path from the door to the stairs / ladder leading up here to the sleeping loft.  It, too, is messy but has been able to stay - for the moment - fairly open.  Which is the only thing keeping me sane when I'm in here.  I can't WAIT until I have a moment to go through the stuff in here, sort, discard, and begin to properly store.  Here are two shots, taken this morning:

And, with that, I have GOT to get!!  Happy Tuesday!


  1. The great thing is that when you finally get the time to sort, arrange and organize, your little cabin is going to feel HUGE! (Even the mess is very colorful though.)

  2. My mother always said get a good nights sleep things will look better in the morning,yup it works.Once you are there it'll get better!

  3. At least it's progress, and there is an end in sight. You're on your way toward better days. We're out here all hoping for an improvement for you.

    If I might make a small suggestion. If you work through just one box a day, or one a morning and one each evening. Just that much, you'll be able to squeeze in a little bit of order from the chaos and see some advance to the unmanageable overwhelming mess. It does work, and is much easier to fit in than a whole block of time.

  4. You are amazing for getting on the bank about winterizing the house, I know it's because you love it so much but it's refreshing to see that kind of behavior instead of the "foreclosure parties" I'm used to seeing out here where the homeowners deface the property and rob the place down to the studs. Insane behavior but so, so common. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we accumulate? LOL you will get there, one box at a time :) I hope you have time to squeeze a nice Christmas dinner in with the parents in between SRR trips!

  5. You are doing fine....keep going, one day at a time, and once the house situation is done, you will have the time you need to make that cabin just what you want it to be :).

  6. Any chance you could live with your parents until you get the cabin straightened away? Or even stay with them a few times a week? And agree with Erin: kudos to you for loving your place so much that even though it is in foreclosure you want it to be in good shape come hell or high water! That's integrity, that is love. Take good care. Warm hugs to you.


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