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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Hey - sorry I've been away so long.  I've been 1) super busy - big surprise there, 2) exhausted - ditto, big surprise, and then 3) sick.  Which, again, follows suit, I guess.  I was home with the mother of all colds yesterday, but I spent the day pretty much flat-out.  To illustrate how drained I was, I tried to take advantage of (still) driving the truck by loading some things for the storage unit.  I managed to get an old aquarium, two watering cans, and an old ladder in . . . and that was it for my energy.

I still felt fairly awful last night and so was a bit leery of my effectiveness at work today, but I slept pretty well and woke up this morning feeling a million times better.  Still sick, yeah, but soooooo much better!

I did bail out on renting Hollyhock Hollow House of Horrors over a week ago.  Now I'm again in a holding pattern, waiting to see if a really sweet deal will fall into place.  The only hiccup is the owners' kids - one of the sons and his family is wanting to move back and are interested in the house.  But, the mom doesn't think it would be a good fit for them.  Let's hope she's RIGHT!  ;)  I'm not going to tell you any of the details as I'm afraid to "go there" like I did with Hollyhock Hollow.  But, I'll know the outcome of that within a week.  Cross your everything for me!

As mentioned, I've been driving the 1-ton to work and back for over week:  the brakes went out in my little Yaris.  I thought it was just something wrong with the front driver's side wheel, but it was the front brakes - pads AND routers.  Dammit.  Fortunately, I had the money for the deposit on HoHo, so it's going there.  And I don't think I'll need a deposit for this 2nd house since I know the owners.  I hope.  I really didn't think there was any way the problem with the car COULD be the brakes as it's still so new (2008).  And, it being a stick-shift and me not living in a city, I don't "ride the brakes".  But, with over 80,000 miles on it already, apparently that's reasonable.  Plus, I've since learned, driving on dirt roads is REALLY hard on brakes.  I guess that makes sense, but who knew?!  (Not me!)

And, with that, I've gotta get my clothes ironed for the day and get on with it.  Thank goodness tomorrow is another day off!


  1. What did happen with the HoHo situation? Did the caretaker not do any work or?? Hope this other deal works out for you...I am sure you are mega stressed about that whole thing. As far as cars go, it's a love/hate relationship. Gotta have 'em, but man they are expensive and a pain in the arse sometimes.

  2. Got everything crossed here for ya!!

  3. I think that's definitely the deal with your pads and rotors, the dust from gravel roads can be murder on those. I still am on good stuff on my '98 and '08 Subarus but the key is that I'm on paved streets and use the manual transmission for braking. Not much you can do about those roads unfortunately. I'm glad you extricated yourself from that other place, they weren't running a very good thing there and I'm afraid if something bad happened to heat systems or water in the winter they would have left you floundering. I hope the new one works out or something else pops up, I know you are anxious to get settled in your own private space soon. Sending hugs and cheap brake job thoughts :)

  4. Always good to see a new post from you. It's been a long haul for you, but again, you keep bouncing back. Sorry you had a bad cold but the rest/sleep was probably good for you. And me too--everything crossed over here. Take good care!

  5. I'm not surprised you were felled by a cold - with all that stress and all. I am crossing all possible crossible things that this next (and better) deal comes through. I had to replace both front and back brakes this year - these squiggly roads and mountains wreak havoc on brakes, struts and stablilizing bars. Guess how I know.... Keep us informed - we worry about you.

  6. you know C.M. It is very hard to cross all my toes !


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