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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Ugh.  I don't have much of anything "uplifting" to say today.  Browsing through a couple of YOUR blog posts, though, maybe it's going around.  ;)

Spent my day "off" yesterday with the normal 5:30 alarm followed by much of my day spent in town.  It was a profitable day there, as far as those things go.  Had a tutorial with a website client and that went well.  Then rushed to Mama & Papa Pea's (with 5 minutes to spare) for my telephone meeting with the lawyer.  I still need to process all that she said and get my notes written up into a more comprehensive form, but, basically, my options are not terrific.

But, I did get an e-mail this morning from the long-distance Off-Grid Systems Guru who was in the county and came out to check on my system yesterday while I was gone!  (Argh.  He knew it was my day off and so worked his schedule to fit it, I think . . . and here I wasn't even around!)  But, I'd told him to let himself in, and so he was able to do a little work that did help.  The automatic start on the generator is still a problem, though, as - apparently - the setup for it is different than what everyone's used to.  But, he changed out yet another bad battery, and so now I'm down to only 2 "back ups".  On the up side, the batteries are holding a charge even better now (which is NO big surprise - a battery system is only as strong as its weakest link).

Back to his e-mail, though, he knows a couple who he thinks would be interested in Swamp River Ridge.  Very interested.  Matter of fact, I just this second got another e-mail from him asking if they could come meet with me and see the house and property in about 2 weeks!  I've gotta say, though, all these constant ups and downs are EXHAUSTING.  But, I'm gonna run and get back to him / them.  Then it's off for another day of fun (ahem) at work.

Peace out. 


  1. I can sympathize with the stress and anxiety all these ups and downs produce - been there, done that - and I can only say that I truly hope for the best possible outcome for you, even if it does mean selling your house and property.

  2. If you arrive to drop off the dogs this morning with "Stop, World, I wanna get off," pasted on your forehead, we will understand completely.

  3. I'll be hoping for the best with the prospective buyers, even though it would be mixed with sadness for you it would eventually be a huge stress relief, it can't be easy to sell something so far from major employers, heck I can't even sell a positive income -producing property in the suburbs in this market!

  4. Jenyfer Matthews said what I wanted to say.... a different scenario, a different situation... it was hard, but what worked for me was to think in terms of 'baby steps'.... that way the whole thing wasn't so overwhelming. Good luck.

  5. Hang in there, kiddo. This emotional whiplash can knock the starch out of you - be careful to take care of yourself. We are all pulling for you.

  6. Know that you are not all by yourself during this time. There's lots of love and support for you. Hugs, hugs hugs.-"M"

  7. Can you still weep on mamma lap,?I know my daughter does,well ,maybe too often,but thats what moms are for````````:)

  8. Sorry, kiddo. It will all work itself out - no matter what - it always does. :-(


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