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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Waste. Of. Flesh.

I feel like I've just been a big, sluggy, slobby waste of flesh today.  I guess what's bothering me most is that I haven't made good use of my precious time, and I'm feeling guilty now and having myself a pity party.  Wah, wah, wah.  

I think the problem is (us) slowing down.  That is to say, when we finally have a day to slow down, we kinda collapse, right?  We're all so busy and go-go-go these days that to try to return to a "normal" (what's that?) day backfires.  

And, it's not that I got nothing done today.  I got a (very) little start on the #@*! DISASTER that is this house and the garage.  First the arts festival, then moving out of my office.  The garage is CRAMMED with stuff, and the majority of the lower story of the house is the same.  I am to the point of being SO SICK OF ALL THIS STUFF right now!  I don't like the word 'crap', but it seems fitting:  I have too much CRAP.  Flat out.

And, while I want to systematically sort through everything into keep, sell, & recycle piles as I pick up each thing . . . THE HOUSE/GARAGE ARE TOO FULL OF THE CRAP TO FIND SPACE TO DO THE SORTING!  Bah, I say!  BAH!

But, back to those "good thoughts" (deep, calming breaths . . .), I also got my Christmas letter nearly completely written, start to finish.  And, I got a decent little amount of wood cutting done in what felt like frigid (8 degree) temperatures.  And, some office work done with that computer set up in its new place here at home.  Problem is, the location is about as far away from the router as is possible, and the many walls in between are providing a bit difficult for the wireless Internet signals.  Case in point, I tried to send an e-mail to a photography client today that contained just two images (albeit full-size) . . . and it n-e-v-e-r sent.  Did I mention?  BAH!

Fortunately, I have enough Ethernet cable to hard-wire things, AND I found an already-drilled hole where I can run it.  So, that's on the docket for tomorrow.  I am already missing my high-speed Internet access that I had in town, tho!

What else?  I spent a HUGE chunk of the day winding about HALF of a really good skein of yarn into a (yes, single) pom-pom for The Peanut's birthday ice skates . . . only to have it be too fat to tightly tie and then pull off the forms.  Couldn't BELIEVE how much yarn and time it took.  And all for naught.  How do you know when you have ENOUGH yarn to make the pom-pom "solid" but not too much so the damn thing won't come off the forms & tightly tie??  Bah.  Now I'm left with a really expensive, jam-packed-with-yarn pom-pom that's sure to fall apart with the first hardy shake.  Sigh.  I'm going to save it and douse it in catnip for the cats' Christmas present.  Then I'll be picking pieces of red yarn off the floor until Easter.  Gah!

And, there ya have it.  A big, fat waste of a day.  And now there's a fat cat sitting on my forearms, making it very difficult to type.  Although, I did teach her that she's not allowed on the laptop's keyboard, so I guess I should be . . . grateful?  Bah.


  1. Sorry to hear your in a "blah" kind'a mood. All that "stuff" in the garage/house will eventually get taken care of and then you can start feeling better (well, that's at least what I keep telling MYSELF!!)

    Ah, screw it. Grab a cocktail and start feeling better right now! :)

  2. Sometimes, when the piles start piling faster than I can Un-Pile, I wish the house would burn down-LOL!
    Sorry about the BAH's...but some of the stuff you wrote made me laugh--you're a funny gal! I think your mom should bake you some cookies.That always makes ME feel better!-- What the hell, she's up all night with crazy dreams anyway!

  3. I totally get the "bahs" you are feeling right now, am there myself. But it will get better:) You should be proud of all you did get done!!

  4. 1) You really did accomplish many things. 2) You are rightfully in a state of "overwhelm-ment" right now for many legit reasons. 3) You will feel much, much better when you do dive into all the cwap and do some hard sorting. 4) When you've been crazy-wild-too-busy, having the chance to slow down usually leads to a (temporary) crash and burn. 5) Smarty-pants Sue is going to bake and send you some cookies.

  5. Whoo-hooooo! Cookies from Sue! Gingersnap, please. Soft. Or Chocolate/Butterscotch Chip. Soft. Please. ;p

  6. I think you are SO right about the go-go-go, then stop business. I think that's why I don't dare stop on the weekends. I would collapse. But it did sound like you got a lot done in spite of yourself ;o) As far as sorting through the 'crap', just pick one spot and do that, then move to another. Trying to imagine doing it all will make your brainpan freeze up. Axe me how I know.

  7. Uh-oh. Got myself into a pickle, now didn't I?
    I should learn not to mess with The Peas and their offspring!
    I have no decent recipe for Ginger Snap. Mama Pea--cover me?

  8. Sue - You're covered, you lucky ducky. I baked a batch of Gingersnaps day before yesterday. They're in the freezer but can be taken out if I'm held at gun point. ;o}

  9. while you guys fight over cookies ,would you find out if that house on your header is vacant-and have a little cheer CM--tis the season....

  10. I know what you mean about all the crap laying around - I don't even have all of mine yet (still in transit) and it drives me nuts to have STUFF just sitting around all over the place. I second Susan: pick an area and work on that first, then move on. Sell what you can and recycle the rest. Ultimately you might make a little $$ and keeping up with a house with less STUFF in it is easier anyway :)

    I'm with you on it being December: Bah!

  11. I'm having a blah kind of entire month! But reading about your pom pom and remembering mine on my old skates made me smile!


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