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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Good Morning!

Hello!  On Wednesday morning, I woke up with another bad sinus headache and was so worried that it would develop into another infection.  AND I had a two-hour "teaching" appointment with a website client that morning.  But, I battled through the day and downed Vitamin C . . . only to wake up yesterday morning completely stuffed up and REALLY feeling like I was getting sick again!  I took the day easy, though, and allowed myself some time to play (FINALLY put my birthday present / the kitchen cupboard up).  Lots of OJ, too, and today I feel like myself again!  Whew - hopefully, that was a bullet dodged!

Jinx sitting on my lap as I crocheted on Monday - big progress!

The BIG THING that happened yesterday, though, was that I FINALLY GOT TO PET Jinx, the new kitty!!!!  23 days into living here, and she let me touch her and scratch her ears!  I think the trick was the empty bowl of Peppermint Bon-Bon ice cream that I let her lick out.  ;)  As she was doing that, I gently started petting her . . . telling her (him?) all the while how nice it was to be petted and that she should let me do it more often!  She allowed the love to go on for about 30 seconds but was then done with it.  I did wake to her licking my ear, though, this morning . . .  followed by the sounds of "pppbbtt, yukky, pppptttthhhhht" as she tried to get my long hair out of her mouth.  ;)  She spends at least some of the night on the bed with me and at least one of the big cats now . . . since, when I wake, I see two little black ears sticking up over the mussed-up down comforter.

In other news, I have a job interview next week!  It's for an Adult Education Specialist up on the Rez . . . assisting college-bound teenagers and returning or "non-traditional" students through the morass of applications and financial aid.  It's full-time with good benefits, so PLEASE send your positive thoughts my way!  There is Native American preference given during the hiring process, so that counts against me, but if I can just get my feet in the door, I know they'll be tickled pink with what I can do for them.  Fingers (and everything else!) CROSSED!
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It's funny to hear Mama Pea say that it's not winter yet since they don't have snow . . . when I, at Swamp River Ridge, have been in full-on winter since the middle of November!  Such is the difference in geography here:  "down by the lake" vs. "up over the hill".  I still haven't plowed yet as I'm trying to get the truck in for an oil change before I put the plow on, but I've really reached my max as far as getting the car in and out go.  If it snows again before the truck is ready, I'll have to either put the plow on (and then take it off again) or just drive the truck to/from the 'stead.  But, it's SUCH a gas-hog that I REALLY don't want to have to do that!  I'll have to take some pictures so you can see the snow here.
Anyway, that's my news . . . such as it is.  Happy Friday!


  1. I'm so glad to hear about your interview, and for a real deal full time gig,that's fantastic. Don't worry about the preference thing, there's nothing you can do about that so just concentrate on nailing everything else so they can't live without you, can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Cute header! And very cute kitten - that was so much fun watching her/him play. Fingers, toes, eyes and anything else crossable will be crossed for your successful landing of this job. Sounds perfect for you!

  3. would have liked to see a video of the kitten licking your ear in bed,but I guess you can't be everywhere with a camera. good luck plus good vibes on the way for new job.to bad a old fashioned quilt doesn't come into fashion big time ang everyone wants a real homemade one but that would take a lot of time,I guess thats why quits are passed down through generations,hump.wonder what happen to my generational quilt but as lyverle Spenser might add it got used for warmth in that long blizzard in MN.

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  5. Good luck on the interview! Crossing everything I can for you.
    And glad to hear that the kitty is starting to warm up to you.....that must be a great feeling that s/he is getting comfortable.

  6. It's always so fun when a new pet finally starts to warm up to you and lets you "in". We will be getting a new kitten soon too, so can't wait.
    Sending good JUJU your way on the job interview:)

  7. The MOM in me wants to say that when you feel that sinus pressure coming on, take a decongestant and then do a saline spray (until I can send you a Neti pot!)

    Glad the new kitty is coming around Have you ever seen that email that used to float around about the "diary of a cat"? It was written as if the cat were a captive :)


  8. Get yourself a Neti pot, girl...it will work miracles. They're not that expensive, and even Walgreens carries 'em, at least they do down here.

    Good luck with the job!!


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