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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Makin' Hay While the Printer Prints

I am b-e-a-t, but I'm waiting for the printer to print out more copies of the upcoming art festival poster.  So, I'll write as long as it's printing.  Then, I'm goin' to bed, and that's that!

I get an extra hour of sleep tonight:  it's too cold in the mornings now to get the machinery going at 6:00 at work (some stuff has to start an hour before we do), so instead of having to be at work at 7:00 tomorrow (leaving Swamp Rive Ridge at 5:30), I get to push it all back an hour!  Whoo-hoo!  From here on out, we don't start 'til 8:00!

Winter does seem to be here.  I awoke to snow yesterday morning.  A solid 1/2" covering everything here, and up to an inch and a half in spots on my way into town.  It's been cold since.  I think the high today was 22 degrees.  So, I think the snow's here to stay.  

Along with the wintery conditions comes the new normal:  doing chores in the dark in the morning, doing chores in the dark in the evening, and hauling water for the critters now that the hoses are solidly frozen.  This morning, I did chores by the light of the MOON!  I've done that puh-lenty of times at night, but never in the morning!  Now, there are stars out when I'm driving to AND from work!

Word came down today that the Roe House is, indeed, shut down.  We've also learned that this includes the caviar that the boss produces to sell in the shop / restaurant upstairs!  That's right:  she can't even produce the caviar she sells on-site anymore.  Ree-dic-ulous!!  More on that later, but it's a sad state of affairs to be certain.  More Big Brother takin' over, if you ask me.  I'm sure there's a list with my name on it for saying so, too!

I won't have time to properly fill you in right now, but I know you're all wondering what my new job is . . . I was, SO generously (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!), hired across the parking lot at the Cutting House (vs. the Roe House).  Now I spend my days pulling raw roe out of frozen fish.  Absolutely literally, my hands are inside frozen fish all day.  All.  Day.  

And, with that, my time has ended . . . which is good, since the Sand Man is throwing sand in my eyes.

Nightie night.  Hope to throw another couple of lines at you again soon!

- Chickie Mama

P.S.  Hey!  I just realized . . . I'm a Roe Ho!  Hahahahahaha!


  1. What would we do without your wacky sense of humor?? We will, of course, need more details. And what about that new furry thing in your life???

  2. I was talking to my son [ he loves talking politics ] about your situation and how they closed down that place. he was telling me about a guitar store they did the same to and the owners tried taking to court,the judge said ,"why don't you just put your whole business over sea's"-no justice and whole new rotten world out there run by a bunch of lunatics

  3. You ARE a RoeHo LOL! Very nice you got to stay at the same company!

  4. Your employer's situation says a lot about the trouble this country is in. We all need to start supporting local/regional businesses, especially when it comes to food and other necessary goods. It will raise all of our boats with jobs, quality of life and decent goods. Glad you got a job! Living in your same area, I know that's no small feat. You go, girl! You are an inspiration!


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