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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

I'm Still Alive

Just a SUPER quick post to let you know I'm alive!  ;)  It seems like I've been working 'round the clock lately, between the Roe House and a little office stuff squeezed in.  Oh, and flat tires.  I was 'tricked' rather than 'treated' on Halloween morning with a flat tire that caused me to be late to work.  Two mornings later, another one.  (Yes, they just graded the road, and you KNOW how I feel about that!)  So, the additional errands with trying to get those fixed plus the multiple tires-off, tires-on filled up my days.  Quite honestly, I lost count how many times I changed tires!

This weekend has been a long-planned nannying gig at Swamp River Ridge so that two of my families' dads can go hunting (it's the opening weekend of deer season) while both mommies are, coincidentally, out of town.  The problem, though, is that I also got sick this week.  A wham-bam, throw you on the ground mother of a cold.  I ended up calling in sick to work yesterday which was a real bummer because it meant the loss of at least $60, gross.  But, I had NO business being near food processing, and I know I would have been flat out for . . . how long? . . . if I'd gone in.

But, being sick throws a wrench into the nannying!  Particularly since one of my charges, Bunny, is only 6 months old.  I told his dad that I'd leave it up to him - whether or not he still wanted me to take Bunny.  And, of course, I promised that I wouldn't "chew on" Bunny as I like to do (those cheeks!) or let HIM chew on MY fingers, as he likes to do!  :)

Anyway, I know I'll have Baby Girl, nearly 3 now, and I HOPE I have Bunny's big sister, The Peanut, as Baby Girl is really looking forward to the "girls' party".  

So, with that, I've gotta run outside to dig a tool out from the garage so Mama & Papa Pea can borrow it and then head in to do a little grocery shopping and collect my charges.

I do miss you - miss writing - miss reading, but there's just been no time lately!  :)

(And you can thank one of the ex's cousins for prompting me to get at least THIS much up!  Thanks for checking on me, L!!)

Oh, P.S.:  I know it was unkind, but I TRULY didn't do it on purpose!  The picture in my last post is of a moose hide I found in the woods.  The cleanly cut edges show that it was the gut-and-hide pile from a hunter who got his moose. 



  1. feel better soon-both you and momma-"something this way comes"-wasn't that the name of a story? in your guys case-its some sort of illness.Beware of forward deer hunters.

  2. Take care of yourself, this is such a bad time of year for getting sick it seems :(

  3. Oh, Bopee! I hope you made it through the weekend okay. And it was wise of you to NOT go to work when you are sick with a cold. Have you tried Emergen-C? It works wonders!


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