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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

We Interrupt Tonight's Programming . . . .

"We interrupt tonight's programming to bring you" . . . a break from my late evening office-work-from-home.

I just wandered over to Susan's e-i-e-i-omg blog and spied this particular post.  And I had to share it.  Dunno what it is about it, but I LOVE THIS POST.  Go read it.  Now.

See?  Did it not speak to you, too?

She sure can write, that one.  Makes you feel like you were right there, doesn't she?

But, back to me.  (Ha!)  My Tuesday . . . ramblings.  (What rhymes with Tuesday & means 'meaningless blather'?)
  • I am SO over the cluster flies.  Which now, with the colder weather, are zombie flies.  Half-dead, staggering all over, flying with no direction - smashing into this and that.  They have been driving me crazy, these past couple of hours:  knocking into the ceiling around the dining room lights, falling onto the table here, falling into my hair, my water glass . . . .
  • Even though I'm feeding them the best dog food money & research can find (the ex gave me some dough to spend on "the kids"), I am currently stewing more homemade food for them because Maisy's started right up again with her allergic coughing & sneezing and general carrying-on.  Hmmm, maybe it's a PLOY just to get me to MAKE their food again!  Anyway, the point is, while stewing up two old birds, I threw in a raccoon head for good measure.  I mean, really . . . why not?  (Okay, so I'd kind of forgotten it was in the freezer, and I wanted to boil the meat off in order to get a clean skull.)
  • If I was a bird hunter, I'd have had fresh grouse for dinner tonight.  I had to stop to pee on the way home (tiny bladder!), and a grouse sat under an evergreen not 15' away as I squatted.  Just watching me.  Dumb bird.
  • I just realized that the above statement would have sounded strange to people who don't realize my commute is mostly along a quiet, gravel road winding through the far reaches of northern Minnesota!  Ha!  ;)
  • Critters spied tonight on the way home:  1 red fox, two grouse.
  • I'm really enjoying working in the Roe House.
  • Spending each day in surgical gloves is really killing my hands.  Do any of you who also spend time in surgical gloves have a suggestion / remedy to keep them from drying out so much?
  • I'm already stressing about making money once this gig is done . . . and I haven't even received my first check from there yet.
  • Wood working in the late fall is my favorite time of year for same.  It feels good to get a little done each night I'm home in time to catch an hour or so of remaining daylight.
  • The most recent photograph I took was . . . (I won't cheat, I promise):
Uhhhh . . . sorry.  Maybe I should have cheated?
  • And, in the spirit of one of my most favorite, dumb, stupid, time-wasting "games" on FB . . . "Name 5 Things You Can Reach From Where You're Sitting.  Be Original.  No Cheating."
  1. Two pieces of salt-water taffy.
  2. My United States of America Passport Card.
  3. A battery meter.
  4. A dried, ordinary, green leaf.  (On my diningroom table??????)
  5. A 1 oz. spray bottle of 98.25% DEET Deep Woods Off.  Thank gawd I don't have to use it anymore!
 Okay, not it's your turn.  Go!


  1. the picture is.....? and from my computer I can reach at 1. least one working pen or pencil- 100-that don't work-throw away-i might need one -to sharpen-stab a intruder 2.I can reach my make shift desk in a plastic folder/ binder type thingy with all my would important material [sad huh ]3.my calender 4. my lemon drop bag [empty -have to fill-keeps me from hand/mouth syndrome to not smoke,even if its been a lone time [ sort of like trying to get a toddler to lose his or her pacifier only I really did quit sometime ago5.SCRAP PAPER-VERY IMPORTANT-IF I DON'T WRITE IT DOWN,HOW WILL I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO WRITE DOWN? [ for instance-leave caps lock off-i forgot to write it down ] lol

  2. What the HEAK is that thing??? It looks like the fur/skin of something. Did you snap that picture while squatting with the Quail & use it for a wipe??? God, I hope not! Although I suppose it would be soft!

    1. Cone of cotton yarn that was supposed to be for dish cloths but has just become a plaything for cats/daughter.
    2. Sponge Bob sippy cup filled with milk (for Rhiannon, not me, really!)
    3.Half-cracked hickory nut.
    4. Apron pattern which will hopefully become an actual apron before Thanksgiving.
    5. The Marble Cake Cat book.

  3. Hey Chicken Mama...best all time thing for your hands is Bag Balm. Your local feed store or even drug store should carry it. Stinks (but I am used to it), but it works like a charm:)

  4. CM - I see you are easily amused.... xoxox And, yes, what is that in the photograph? Do I even want to know? Let's see, five things (I'm in the office - shh, don't tell): 1. My voodoo doll, bristling with white pins - it's a good day; 2. Corn Huskers Lotion; 3. Rooster coffee mug filled with decaf coffee; 3. Half-empty tin of smoked almonds; 4. My favorite pen that I obviously pinched from someone else's desk - it's from an optician I've never heard of; 5. box of Kleenex.

    I would also recommend Bag Balm - it's the best!

  5. Are you going to tell us what's in that picture? Looks very much like some critter slit open along the belly?

  6. Oh, I forgot my five things! But, how will I choose? There are SO many. ;)
    1) Lots of paper (this is a homeschool)
    2) Jesus Storybook Bible on CD
    3) cup of coffee
    4) Perfect Strangers DVD
    5) a zip tie

  7. I'd recommend "Burt's Bees" hand balm or another beeswax-based hand salve, maybe with a dusting of gold bond or similar powder on top to help you get the gloves on after your hands are greased up. When I was working as a hospital chaplain, I had to "glove up" for a lot of my visits. Beeswax balm was a huge help!

    Stuff I can reach from here:
    1) Brochure on "New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference" from the Cooperative Extension System
    2) Yummy fair-trade dark chocolate, sent as a thank-you gift by friends who spent a few days on our farm
    3) A penny whistle in the key of D
    4) Fergus Henderson's phenomenal meat treatise, "The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating"
    5) A wonderful quilted potholder made by MAMA PEA!

  8. I stayed at my dad's one winter and I guess we woke up some cluster flies - which always chose bedtime to come out and buzz around drunkenly, scaring the children. I took them down with hairspray and then smashed them! LOL

    The picture????

    Five things from my computer (too many things!!):
    My camera
    Coupon organizer
    external hard drive
    package of new dresser knobs
    address book

  9. 1. a dog
    2. the other dog
    3. root beer
    4. blanket
    5. remote control

    okay that list makes me sound like the most ridiculous person in the world but hey, it's 10 pm!

    I had to cringe when you said raccoon head - do you not have rabies up there? No lie, rabid raccoons are an epidemic in our area, and it's a disease of the brain... here just about every day there is a rabid raccoon or fox on the news :(

  10. Boring day at the office! here are my 5 things:
    1. travel coffee mug with my not-so-warm coffee from this morning's commute
    2. my favorite pink pen
    3. office phone (thankfully it almost never rings)
    4. backpack that contains all my most essential items: billfold, phone charger & an emergency knitting project
    5. box of Puffs (the crappy tissue they have here at work destroys my nose!)
    Have a good day Chicken Mama!

  11. I guess that the picture is a fuzzy dead fish washed up on Lake Superior's shore.

    From where I sit I can reach:
    1) a candle on a dish
    2) a superman action figure
    3) a basket of crayons
    4) an empty battery package
    5) a health insurance update form that I keep "forgetting" to fill out!


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