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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Late Start to the Day

Ugh.  Not having two (or three, ideally) consecutive days at home really takes a toll on me.  I was home on Monday and got the chicken house cleaned - yayyyy!  That took up the whole day.  And, truth be told, I didn't get the nest boxes or the litter underneath the roosts done.  That will need to wait until I can get to the lumber mill to buy shavings . . . which will need to wait until I can take the truck to town . . . which will need to wait until I can drive out the back way (which I'll check again tonight).

Chicken house, almost done.  Geez, whose idea was it to paint the interior white?!  Okay, so it was mine . . . and I still like the brightness it brings to the small space.  But, that said, when / if I ever redo the roost area, I will REPAINT that back wall red!  GROSS!

My inherited old girls and the rooster.  His tail feathers are still regrowing after a viscous . . . goose (!) attack.  ;)  They were anything but trusting during the cleaning - as evidenced by their beady little eyes peering at me here!

The "output" end of Monday's chicken house cleaning.  Through the too-small grain room and out to the wheelbarrow.
I finally got into the office (and off the homestead) last Saturday and Sunday.  I was hardly in my office at all on Saturday due to running errands and keeping catch-up appointments.  On Sunday, I focused on the gallery of my two-room office because it had been in a shambles since I pulled so much of the artwork off the walls to display in my friend's office foyer.  It certainly wasn't customer-ready, and, even tho I have SO much work to do at the desk, that was really bothering me and it felt GOOD to get it in nearly tip-top shape.  Nearly.  Still have the "dotting the 'I's and crossing the 'T's" to do, but at least it's user-friendly now.

Had to go to town yesterday (a normal day at home) because the chicks were due to arrive (turns out they're coming tomorrow).  Because of that expected arrival, I scheduled two other dates yesterday:  one with Baby Girl and her mama to visit and look at potential summertime nanny dates and then a lovely belated birthday dinner with two dear friends.

Yes, the food at this local, seasonal restaurant DOES taste as good as it looks.  And, YES, the serving was THAT BIG.  And, yes, they use only organic, sustainable ingredients / produce / meat.  And, yes, the tiny Birthday Girl behind the plate ate EVERYTHING except the one unripe strawberry!  :)
Also note-worthy regarding the food above:  this is the restaurant that Mama & Papa Pea used to supply with fresh garden produce.  (Unfortunately, I doubt ANY of yesterday's veggies were grown locally this early . . . unless someone has a high-functioning greenhouse set up.)

The lake on my winter drive out.  Will it be open for Fish Opener (a local High Holy Day) on the 14th?  I'll bet - it's looking pretty soft!
Today I have a cabillion things to do which is really unfortunate since all I FEEL like doing is laying on the couch upstairs to watch a movie or go for a walk outside (it's lovely out)!  Maybe if I choose the latter rather than the former, I'll get some energy goin'.

Tonight I have to prep, too, for the kitties' surgeries tomorrow.  Both of them go in to be spayed and get their minimum shots (distemper & rabies).  They'll spend the night and then I'll take them home on Friday.

With that, I'll leave you with my unreasonable but still "must do" list for the day.  And it's already noon.

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90 minutes later . . . .

I just finished with a LOVELY, impromptu visit by two new friends!  (Thank you, J & S, for sending them my way!)  You know, it's funny how I say "I don't like people" (generally, to explain why I live out here), but I have met some WONDERFULLY incredible people in the last couple of years:  seasonal or part-time friends to this neck of the woods and YOU, my fantastic friends met thru blogging!  I'm feeling very rich right now.  :)

And so with that jump-start to my day, ON with my To Dos:
1.  Green tablecloth ironed & ready for gallery.  Moved to another day (see below).
2.  IroningLimited to one shirt and one pair of pants.  And, let me just say that a cat who may have a UTI and soft ironing board covers do *not* mix.  And we'll leave it at that.  If being spayed and confirming an infection doesn't do it, back OUTSIDE these cats GO!
3.  LaundryMoved to another day.  Too grossed out.  See above.
4.  Info for my cousin.
5.  Dishes
6.  Sympathy card for dear friends.
7.  Prep Mother's Day cards to stock tomorrow.
8.  Kitties ready for transport to vet.
9.  Calendar for making dogs' appts. w/ vet.
10.  Tax Stuff
11.  Cut Wood
12.  Update Calendar
13.  Client Responses - Which, of course, took longer than I'd planned/hoped/expected.
14.  General House Clean-Up (In case, ya know, I have unexpected visitors!  Ha!  Fortunately, the lovely day allowed for visiting out on the deck where I'd already - luckily - set up the deck chairs.
15.  Regular Chores
16.  Took a walk.
17.  Made a healthy dinner. 

Nuthin' like starting your day at 2:00 PM!  Hey, that's MY kinda schedule!  :)


  1. So glad you have such a light schedule...hahahaha. We are waiting, of course, for an update on Bunny (I never check Facebook, in case you're wondering). And, lastly, I was so, so very sorry to hear about Zoey. Giant-sized hugs to you and your folks.

  2. Is that where chickens grow up? I'm just kidding,my mother -in-law raised chickens in Kentucky.opener fishing you say---is that still on mother's day - I never could figure that out but I know why only the doc came to the house to deliver all them chilins mom had [14] cuz dad was either fishing or hunting! Do you ever run our of chicken recipes?

  3. Although you sound incredibly busy, you also sound a bit energized! I hope the weather cooperates for you, that will go a long way towards refreshing you and getting you in the spirit to spruce up the house and grounds like I know you have been wanting to do. SO sorry to hear about Zoey, hug Mama and Papa Pea for us. The kids were sad for them since they have already lost one family dog a couple of years ago but when I told them Loch said "I remember Zoey hiked with us and then she got tired and went home, that old girl sure had a nice home"... kids can sum it up pretty well, she DID have a great life. Hugs and sunshine sent your way!


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