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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Finally, A Bit of a Moose Video!


  1. very cool-following "Bullwinkle"

  2. How neat! You weren't kidding when you said your roads are bad! Good grief!

    Now if we only had Moose Turn Signals!

    Rock on Shania!

  3. Fantastic! Loch was waiting for it to turn and charge LOL... it looked like a pretty decent size?

  4. full moon-beware- don't go in the woods-sexy werewolf aloft- oh i forgot ,you live in the woods jk

  5. I wondered what the heck you would do if you had a flat tire :o(, I'd be scared stiff to be "Out in what looked like a wilderness" you must know how to a lot of Pioneer stuff :o)

  6. Talk about multi-tasking! I bet this was a tough winter for moose. And everyone else! I'm sorry you got more snow. Enough, already, I say!~

  7. Miss Apple Pie, and that was my MAIN road - NOT my in-worse-shape-and-now-legally-closed winter driveway!

    Erin, yeah, pretty decent size but probably a yearling, I'd say. Tell Loch that I wouldn't have "bothered" it like this had it been Fall . . . when he very well MIGHT have turned to charge!!! It's been known to happen up here!

    Judy, I'm holding out for a sexy vampire instead of a sexy werewolf: I'm Team Edward all the way! Ha!

    GingerBread, WELCOME! Oh, I've gotten plenty of flat tires before. Not ever in the winter, though. A couple of summers ago, I got a flat just over 5 miles from home on THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR (and I DON'T do heat!). I couldn't find the tire jack ANYWHERE in the car, so the dogs and I took off walking. Lordy, it was hot and miserable. (And, of course the jack HAD been hiding in the car the whole time!)

    Susan, I haven't yet heard whether the snow affected the moose negatively although I wouldn't necessarily think so: they're built with legs long enough to deal with it. The deer are who would suffer. It sure is nice to start SEEING them ("live") after a winter of nothing but tracks, tho!

  8. Yes! Another Team Edward fan! I love the pale, brooding, moody type - we never like what's good for us, do we? LOL

  9. well-you see-team Jacob lives next door -literally this young girl [ only 18 and her brother-live in there home-mom and dad-passed on-very sad]she got herself a very blue-eyed Siberian named "Bella"


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