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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


I've got nothing much to report today.  Yesterday was a grey, grey day that brought the first rain of 2011 . . . although it was nothing appreciable.  Even though the skies were cloudy, a lot of melting occurred, so that's nice!  Today looks to be a nice one, so hopefully the sun will encourage more of the snow to turn to water and soak through the snow mass.

With the loggers working 7 days a week at the cut just down the winter driveway, parts of the road were turning into a deep, mushy, slushy, muddy mess, and I was beginning to feel apprehensive about my ability to get through with the car.  But, yesterday, spring road restrictions were posted, and there's to be no more hauling as of midnight tomorrow.  I know that means that they'll be pushing it into overdrive these last 48 hours . . . and it will also mean I'll have no help keeping the road open should we get any more big snows . . . but, overall, I'm glad restrictions will go into effect.

Due to the wet, slippery weather (not ideal for chain sawing), I spent nearly all day inside yesterday.  I got the two new locks put on the aviary door, so, until Bonzi and Dosie learn how to flip them open (!), I feel pretty safe and have removed all obstacles previously preventing them from getting to that side of the unit.  In addition to that, I worked on cleaning.

The New Me knows that, as soon as I get one room completely clean, I should be able to keep that portion of the house in good shape during my work weeks by just picking up after myself (vacuuming, etc. will wait 'til my days off).  I've done fairly well with the sunroom and living room although the latter was a disaster following my partial dismantling of the aquarium a couple of weeks ago.  So, I got that put back mostly put back to rights yesterday as well as the sunroom returned to normal.  Did the same with the large foyer which is usually my dump-spot / catch-all at the ends of my days.  So, three rooms (pretty much) down . . . now I need to maintain 'em.  I'd hoped to make some headway on the kitchen, but no dice.  I hope I can squeeze that into my day today, during the breaks I'll need from office work.  Got some of my yarn sorted and displayed in a basket, too, and sorted through a bag of paperwork that had been residing on the kitchen floor for a couple of weeks.  EXCITING stuff, huh???  ;)  I had a great talk with my California cousin last night, too, for an hour and a quarter!  That was a treat.  :)

I'll leave you with some pictures of some of my latest hats that I now have for sale at the Chicken Mama Designs gallery.

Remember that one hat that I'd sold and then the customer admitted that it was too large?  And so I made a new one custom-made to fit?  Here's the new one:

Here (below) are the two of them for comparison.
The new one is the top one, the original on the bottom.

Looking at them like this, I'm concerned that the new one had too much of the multi-colored yarn in it and not enough purple.  Truth be told, I ran out of the purple and was trying to stretch it . . . but, even so, ended up finding a new purple that matched well enough that you can't even see the difference here.  (Good!)  But, I think I'll check back with the customer and make sure that she's happy with the new one.  There's nothing worse than ordering a custom-made item and then not being happy with it!  And, I have concern that she might not tell me so simply BECAUSE it was a custom order.  Yep, will definitely have to follow up on this.

I call the following baby hat my Kari Toyota hat.  I crocheted 85% of it one day while I was in Superior, Wisconsin at the dealership, waiting for some work to be done on the Yaris.  :)

And, here's another new(er) one.  I picture it on a fellow, but it's definitely unisex.  It was a fun, chunky wool to work with.

Anyway, that's me for today.  Over 'n' out.


  1. I love the hats! I'm happy those trucks are getting off the road, we don't want the Yaris to be subjected to quicksand after surviving the big snow! I love, love going through my yarns and displaying them, it makes me feel good just to have them nearby to look at :)

  2. Your hats are awesome! Hope you enjoyed your time at home. Spring is beginning to make it's appearance here-60"s yesterday and today. I don't mind this lovely weather, but while everyone else is rejoicing, I just keep dreading the really hot weather right around the corner. Guess I'll just never love summer!!


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