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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Reprieve!

I shouldn't be taking the time for this (says The New Me), but I really want to share and not get too behind in my blogging (justifies The Old Me).

Mother Nature gave us one HECK of a reprieve these past 24 hours.  WOW!  I'll bet the snow melted and compacted about a FOOT yesterday!  There were even little spots of (gasp!) gravel showing on the winter driveway as I slopped home on it late last night!

The sun was out all day yesterday, and the temps in town were in the low 40s.  We always get this hint of spring-to-come in midwinter:  I think she (Ma Nature) knows that we need the reassurance that spring really WILL come one day.  At work, I heard that it was 63 (insane!) at the far north end of the county, 60 miles away from the tempering lake.  Could that be?  Of course, that reading would have been taken in the sun, but still . . . .  I wondered what the high reading at Swamp River Ridge had been?

When I left Mama and Papa Pea's last night after our 2nd month's Reading Night (during which I got the custom-made hat 99% finished - yay!), it was 33 degrees.  When I got home (and so much farther from the lake), it was 43 degrees!  At nearly, what, 10:00 PM?  Crazy!  I punched buttons on the weather station to bring up the day's high.  Guess what it was?  62!!!!  Holy moley, rocky!  No WONDER I lost so much snow!!!

We're slated for the temps to drop back into the norms of the high teens and low twenties soon, but, for now, I'll take the melting.  Today is a heavy, heavy cloudy day, so there won't be much more melting, but that snow is DEFINITELY still compacting!  As I write, it's still 37 degrees.

More later, I hope (I've got another crazy-busy week!), but first, I need HELP!

After cleaning out the refrig (it is nice and shiny!), it still smells horrible.  There was no one truly nasty thing in there, but whatever was the infectant has gone through the plastic wrap or cardboard walls of EVERYTHING (good) in there!  It's not a rotten smell / taste but, instead, a very mold-spores one.  Even the wrapped cheese tastes like it!  

While I may have to give up the remaining good food to the poultry, I still would like to know how to remove the smell from the refrig.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?  I've done the newspaper trick (allowing newspaper to sit inside to soak up the smells and then remove / replace it).  I've taken out the cardboard egg carton.  I've got a nearly-empty container of baking soda sitting in there open.  What else can I DO????

Happy grey Thursday.  I hope the sun is shining - or the weather at least good - where you are!  :)


  1. First question, did you find the bad culprit? I mean some food that was really moldy/ishy/bad-bad-bad that was causing the odor? If not, I'm thinking you can't get rid of the smell because you haven't found the root of it. I'm wondering is something died behind or under the refrig and the mold is still growing and emitting the smell. Because you have been gone so much this winter and haven't been keeping the house toasty warm, whatever expired in back of or under there hasn't dried out as it normally would. Make any sense?

  2. Check the drain in the bottom of the fridge. And you might try wiping it out with vinegar to remove the odor! And I agree with Mama Pea, there may be a culprit under or behind it!

  3. Oh, good idea, Ruth! The drain and area around it could definitely be the problem.

    Chicken Mama, is there any chance the drain for the condensed water out of the refrig could be frozen somewhere (like under the unit) so that the backed-up water isn't flowing out as it should?? My water drains into a pan that I have to manually empty and in the summer, it gets very moldy if I forget to do it often enough.

  4. If the smell is inside the fridge, I've heard of using fish tank charcoal in a bowl ... and coffee grounds - couldn't tell you if used or not. Maybe a bowl of vinegar??? These are only things I've heard about, not tried.

    Did you get under the crisper drawers, sometimes it grows some bad stuff ...
    sorry I'm not more help, but how 'bout the internet for "remove mold smell" ...
    Good luck and let us know what finally worked for you.

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  6. take everything out and wash the whole frig.
    new box or 2 of baking soda. Check the fuit there may be one gone bad at the bottom.
    take a small towel and soak it with febreze and leave it in the frig for 24 hours.

    Wasn't the warm weather great, now it sounds like winter is coming back.


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