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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Yayyyy Me!!!

Welllllll, in reality, I don't deserve NOTHING but props, 'cause The Old Me DID surface.  But, still . . . .

(Hmmm, that sentence does sound right - double, triple? negatives? - but you know what I mean.  I think.  Maybe.)

So, the bad before the good:  last night, I went out to dinner with My (wonderful) Girl for a catch-up.  That was fine.  I was determined to get out of town by 8:00 - that would put me getting home at 9:00 and leave me 90 minutes to get done what I needed before my 10:30 bedtime.  In reality, I got out of town by 8:19 . . . a little late.  And, by the time I'd done some chores and unloaded the car from my food co-op special order, picked up yesterday morning, it was close to 10:00.  And here's where The Old Me really surfaced.

Preparing for a late Christmas celebration I'll be having with The Peanut and her parents and still-in-utero baby brother tonight, I started wrapping the presents.  And, that ALWAYS takes longer than one expects.  AND, why didn't I think through my week on my weekend?  If I had, I would have wrapped the presents then.  But, Old Me had been behind the wheel, I guess.  So, all tolled, I finally went to bed just after midnight.  But, this is also where I'm giving myself props, a pat on the back.

When the alarm went off at the designated time this morning (6:45), I r-e-s-i-s-t-e-d the hugely overwhelming urge to get back into bed.  I even went so far as to kneel on the bed . . . just to feel the warmth still there in the Polarfleece sheets!  But, SOMEHOW, The New Me PREVAILED, and I STAYED UP!  Good thing, too, 'cause I only NOW finished the wrapping . . . and still have to get ready for the day and do chores . . . when I'm supposed to be LEAVING Swamp River Ridge in 1 minute.  Hmph!  But, I'm gettin' there, right?!

I think that all this writing about The Old & New Me is probably boring to you readers, but I SO APPRECIATE you tolerating it!  Being accountable to you is REALLY helping, and I've truly NEVER even made it this far (this little way) when trying to switch to a new schedule.  I realize that I'm still making baby steps and The Old Me DOES frequently surface, but each time she does, I can evaluate WHY and what I need to work on changing.

So, I still say . . . "Yayyyy, Me!"  ;)


  1. I must announce that yesterday morning Chicken Mama (that would be the NEW Chicken Mama) arrived here to drop off the dogs at Doggie Daycare a whole 15 minutes earlier than she ever has before. The schedule we were given states to drop off dogs between 9:30 and 10:00 and she arrived at 9:45. Yessir, she is making progress! Good girl!!

  2. Mom, sadly, that's sooooooo not happening today! :(

  3. Every once in a while, we can accept. Right? Ok, maybe not yet? Keep pushing!!!

  4. You ARE doing a good job of changing schedule!! Once in a while we all fall back to the old ways, but then we pick ourselves up, dust off, and get back on track.

    You are doing something that will be good for you in the long run - Yeah YOU!!!

  5. Phooey to whomever (whoever?) gets bored of self improvement posts, that's what winter is for! I say that because I had someone that visited my blog and was like "I thought this was about GARDENING, I'm never coming back"! LOL, a little extreme, but I always think of that every time I post something non-garden related like sewing or kids LOL!

    I'm stuck on POLARFLEECE SHEETS! When were these invented? I'm thinking I could have used them as a kid, my bedroom faced the north wind on top of a hill on 3 sides!

  6. You totally deserve props - every little bit counts!

  7. Good for you! I love it that the "old" you and the "new" you are coming into sync. We would not (ahem) want to lose the old you, now would we?

  8. It is so not boring at all! It is inspirational. I have read your blog so many times recently and though, "Wow! She's still doing it!" GOOD JOB!!!!! I'm impressed and inspired. Now if only I could follow in your footsteps!


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