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Opinions Needed, STAT

I don't handle it well when things don't work properly, and my vacuum has not been working properly (at least, not 100% of the time) for the last many months.  And, just now while trying to vacuum and getting more and more p*ssed off and ready to take my anger out on the dogs or smash into a coffee table or chair with the stupid machine and accidentally break something I treasure, I decided to come here to vent!

So, I'd like to know what vacuum YOU have and why you like it (or don't)!  My two requirements in a new one are a lighted dirt detector (once you have one, you can never go back) and a bag-less system.  I've always had a vacuum with replaceable / disposable bags, but getting a bag-less one that you empty yourself and re-use time and time again only seems to make sense.  Besides, I'll be able to see how fast it fills up . . . which is, I suspect, one of the problems with my current vacuum.  It seems that the bags fill up WAY too fast, but I refuse to change it out within only a month or so from the last change!

Please, HELP!  I will order up a new one the instant you all help me make the best decision!

Note:  this is an upright vacuum for the rugs / carpets that I need.  I use a ShopVac for the hard floor areas.


  1. You know I have no carpets for to vac! Well, I do use a special little attachment on my canister vacuum for my throw rugs when I don't feel like taking them outside and shaking the heck out of 'em. So I have no advice to offer, daughter o' mine. So why am I commenting then?? Bye.

  2. I have a friend who swears by the Dyson model for pets specifically. However I hear they are very pricey. We too are in need of a 'good' one. So I am all ears here.

  3. Ms. Apple Pie, are you on Facebook? I just posted the question there and am overwhelmed with all the Dyson Animal Ball responses! 5 out of 8 responses, so far!

  4. Nope, but please do keep me posted how that turns out!! And especially if you get it, a 'review' would be most appreciated!!
    -signed, Dirty Floor Gal :0)

  5. Dirt Devil Upright w/HEPA filter. I don't have much carpeting but I do vacuum my wood floors. Mark hates our vacuum...and I think it is now losing power. However, at the time, it was a cheaper alternative (Target - around $100) and it has lasted several years. Intrigued by the Dyson vacuum though...I'm in the market...I will stay tuned...

  6. Weighing in late - I L.U.V. my Shark pet model. Inexpensive, upright, bagless. Don't know about the dirt detector, though.

  7. No carpet is the best LOL! When I did have it however, I did empty the canister EVERY time I vacuumed, which was about 2-3 times a week (have dogs!). I know I hear a lot about the Dyson but honestly I have 2 friends who had their Dyson's break right out of warranty, that's an expensive pill to swallow! How much carpet do you have or is it area rugs? The key is maintenance, if you clean the brush and canister every time you vacuum, you can get away for much cheaper than a Dyson!

  8. I am on my second Dyson. We had a Dyson in the motorhome and it was great. It took alot of beatings riding in the storage below but man it worked so great! It died after 5 years of some serious abuse and use. I bought another one. This thing could peel wallpaper off a wall it "sucks" so much! I use it for the 4 cats and tile floors, we don't have carpet but I use the vacuum cleaner and all its attachments all the time! Yes they are pricey, I bought mine online at Target. Good luck!

  9. We have an Eureka "The Boss" and love it. It's not bagless, but is very reasonably priced and does a great job. We used one in the factory also and it held up to all that ceramic dust. It was well rated in Consumer Reports.

    My neighbor, who is a good friend, owns a vacuum store and sells many pricy vacuums (average sale is about $500) and says dysons aren't worth the money and have repair problems.


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