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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Wish I Was Bored

Actually, I wish this were at at-home day for me, but i'tisn't.  Big, fluffy flakes have started falling, the ground is beginning to turn white, and it's super grey out.  A cozy day to be at home.  And, maybe that's why I'm still sitting here in the kitchen rocker instead of getting on with it!

So, when I stopped at the post office yesterday (the little burg at the intersection of the highway has a post office, a church, a town hall, and a small general store . . . the latter a very recent addition), I learned that there's another predator around who could, certainly, have added to my recent poultry loss:  a black panther!  Technically, it would be a melanistic cougar, but to say 'black panther' sounds way more impressive, doesn't it?  

I saw it last year (nowhere near Swamp River Ridge but still well within the confines of its range - anywhere from 10 to 293 square miles), and then someone saw it yesterday morning.  As the post mistress said, "People are gonna start losing their pets, left and right!"  Not that I'd love for it to be hunting around here, but it sure would be neat to get a GOOD look at one!  The sighting I had was at night, and the cat was a ways in front of me as it crossed the road.  Still, there's no mistaking that long tail nearly scraping the ground.

I won't go into all the details, but I had one hell of an UP and DOWN and UP day yesterday.  The first "UP" was just feeling so much better, physically, and getting back to "hitting it" in my office.  Then, the first seconds of a voicemail I was able to collect (once I got w/in range) tripled my happiness:  "Chicken Mama?  Good news!  I just heard from the investment company, and the divorce settlement money has made it into your account."  THANK GAWD!

But, the "DOWN" was in his next breath.  "Now, it will have to sit in that account for 6 business days in escrow before we can submit the paperwork for your first withdrawal."  Ummm, WHAT?  No, excuse me, I mean to say, "W.T.F?!!!"

I was FURIOUS.  Seething.  Shaking.  On one hand, I can count the number of times in my life that I have been that angry.  Unfortunately, I was driving up my folks' driveway at the time I got the message, and so dear Papa Pea got the unbridled, f-en-hymers flying, venting rage I was experiencing . . . full force!

Mind you, this . . . person . . . had told me, verbatim, that it would take "7-10 days from the time I have the divorce paperwork in my hands to you seeing the money in your checking account".  Well, he had the paperwork in his hands on October 11th.  In case you hadn't noticed, yesterday was November 12th.  Beyond that 20-day discrepancy that had already passed, I cannot believe that he, as a long-time financial advisor, did not realize that the money would have to sit in escrow for a period of time.  Did he mention this to me?  Ahhh, no.  I IMMEDIATELY contacted my lawyer, and I do have some options, so that is something.

Fortunately (!), the day did end on an "UP".  A financial angel, who insisted that their identity remain anonymous, loaned me the money to pay the overdue property taxes, the overdue mortgage, and my overdue office rent.  Holy thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

And, double bonus, when I stopped at the convenience store as I left town, I found (drumroll, please) that THE EGGNOG HAS ARRIVED!  I immediately scooped up three quarts and back-tracked to deliver one to My Girl who was having a poopy day but LUVS eggnog (her response, "Eggnog????  I LOVE YOU!!") and the other to Papa Pea who is the biggest eggnog fiend you will ever find!  Ironically, Dad said that he had just told Mom, "The eggnog will be coming out soon, but PLEASE don't buy any until Thanksgiving!" - hoping to keep his belt size the same.  So, I immediately swooped it up and offered to take it away . . . but a slight wrestling match ensued with Dad's insistence that it would just be darn rude for him to refuse such a loving gift from his only child.  ;)


  1. That stinks that you have to wait longer! I don't blame you for being hoppin' mad! But how awesome that you had help right when you needed it most! Sometimes good things really do come in the knick of time!

    I've been watching the big storm front headed your way. Looks like you are gonna get spanked!

  2. A woman after my own heart! I always eagerly anticipate the beginning of "eggnog season!"

  3. I hope by now you've gotten some resolution on the financial issue. I think sometimes (not always), that lawyers and financial advisors don't understand the financial needs many of us have, so they don't expedite accounts as quickly as they should. It's frustrating I know!

    On the upside, I hope you added a splash or three of Southern Comfort to your eggnog-my favorite way to celebrate the holidays!

  4. oh eggnog, gross! My old roommate used to drink that stuff and leave the unrinsed glasses laying around, and you know, when you're 19 the dishes don't get done as often as they should! Blech!

    How fantastic about you being able to pay those back-bills, that must be a great feeling! My property taxes are later than late, but whatever, it's the city of Virginia Beach, they can wait!

    I wish I was there to enjoy that snowfall you are having, the first real one is always beautiful, I've never met anyone who isn't a little bit giddy about it! I would stand next to you while you drink your eggnog, but it's bailey's, scotch & milk for me. I know, you're thinking "now THAT'S GROSS" right? Well it s'not! :)

  5. My eggnog HAS to have alcohol in it or I won't drink it - I don't like the taste of plain eggnog! Not that I buy it much, but still ...

    Hopeful this financial thing will be over soon. These financial wizards don't live on the same planet that we "I need my money" folks do.

    Black Panther huh? keep the rifle with you at all times!!

    Many hugs to you

  6. ... and make sure it's loaded, otherwise you will be carrying a long stick!!


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