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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Finally, as promised, pictures of my leetle (deceased) friend:

The house still has a definite odor to it, but it's SO much better.
Besides, I think I'm (ugh) acclimating to it.

At a friend's (good!) suggestion, I took Pepé to the local furrier to see if he could use the hide.  Unfortunately, there was just a little too much yellow in the white fur, rendering it less-than-ideal for his wife's designs.

When I examined the carcass the next morning, I saw that it appeared completely healthy.  The furrier confirmed that:  no distemper.

She (I think) sure was a fat little bugger, though!  But, I learned something:  skunks hibernate, and so this is exactly the time of year when they're fattening up for their winter sleep.  So, it made complete sense, her tubbiness!


  1. Every time I see a skunk, it reminds me of my one of my dogs, Sprocket LOL! Glad to hear things are starting to unsmell! Do you still have the little porcupine homesteader? Those posts made me laugh!

  2. At least it's not a possum-I have this irrational possum phobia. Hopefully you can have your windows open-the days here have been gorgeously cool and breezy. Even though it's chilly, we've kept the windows open a bit. It feels so good after this beastly hot and humid summer!

  3. That is one fat little mama/papa. Adios, smelly leetle fat skunk. It seems to take forever to get rid of the smell. Excellent shot, Annie Oakley - ;o)

  4. Great shot!
    I had a summer of 2 dog sprays and now I have a LARGE bottle of de-skunk on my garage shelf...it works when they roll in something disgusting, too!

  5. Erin, why? Did Sprocket get "spritzed" once?

    Pinecone, the porcupine homesteader (I love that!) did move on last winter. There were tracks for a while between his little home in the woodshed and a spot off the driveway where I figured s/he had a den. Never saw him/her over the summer, though, and the woodshed kitties took over his little house in the woodshed before I made them nicer digs (and they migrated into the house)!

    Becky, I've never ever seen a possum! We don't have 'em up here. I always thought they looked kinda cute, though, but maybe they're too "rat like" for you?

    Susan, thanks. ;) We women homesteaders have to stick together!

    Karen, GOOD to know about the stuff working for other nasty smells, too!

    Jen, I actually offered it to Tom after the furrier declined it, but, for some reason, he declined, too! ;)

  6. Sprocket has a skunk-like tail!


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