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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Happy Hump Day!

Good morning!  I thought I'd treat myself to a blog post before I head to the office.

I ended up working from home yesterday.  Since I haven't yet gotten "the" computer that I'll be using for all facets of the business, I still have some files on this computer, some on that . . . and some on thumb drives.  Yesterday's two big projects required files that were on my home office computer, and it was 4:15 by the time I was close to being done.  I'd planned to go in to town for a bee assn. meeting @ 6:00, but I knew, too, that I had to be 35 minutes northeast of town by 7:15 for a meeting with a blogging client.  So, rather than drive 90 minutes for only 30-45 minutes of the bee meeting, I decided to skip it and drive straight to the client's at the appointed time.

Anyway, my point is (and, yes, I do have one):  having three days away from the office has felt LUXURIOUS!  :)

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Here are some fun / interesting / Mayberry-ish snippets from the local newspaper's Law Enforcement Briefs.  Read them with the 'Dragnet' theme playing in your brain, okay?

Monday, September 6th:
8:04 AM - Four cows were seen walking down County Road X, almost into town.  The owner was contacted to round them up.
1:46 PM - Complaint about three kids on skateboards on downtown streets who would not move over for traffic.  The caller said it has happened before, and something should be done about it.

Tuesday, September 7th:
6:10 AM - Report of donkeys on the road.  Owner contacted.
3:00 PM - Numerous calls about a bear hanging around the school, and the kids were being let out.  The sheriff and a game warden stayed in the area during school release.  There was no bear trouble.
4:02 PM - Suspicious vehicle with Illinois plates seen in the X Lake area.  (Dum, dum, dummmmm!)

Wednesday, September 8th:
7:08 AM - Deputy requested after a garage door was found (gasp!) open at a residence.

Friday, September 10th:
6:35 PM - Thunder Bay woman, 29, cited for following too close.

Saturday, September 11th:
10:24 PM - Complaint about fireworks at X Campground for over an hour.  The people at the site said they had no fireworks, but were making loud noises with other items.

And, from the Conservation Officer Tales:

Conservation Officer S. received a call from a close neighbor whose mailbox was damaged.  Upon investigation, moose tracks indicated that the mighty beast used the mailbox as a scratching post.

Aside from my editorial comments, those are all verbatim.  I couldn't make this scary stuff up, folks!  ;)

Happy Hump Day!  (Or, as the Quebecois husband of my oldest girlfriend said when I visited last month [so read it with a strong French-Canadian accent], "Ahhh, meh-bee wee should geet some beer to celeebrate zee day zat ees dee, ah, hump of za veek?")


  1. Well, no wonder I'm having such a rough day . . . eet ees dee, ah, hump of za veek day!

  2. Fast forward.... "suspicious vehicle with VA plates", "alleged loud noises were from other objects aka children" LOL! I miss my hometown paper for the same reasons! Funny when I go home and pick up my mom's paper it's always the same last names in the blotter I remember from high school. They do have more crime now though since they have the casino on the rez now, that wasn't there back when I was. Ohmigosh, ordering winter boots now for the whole family, we'll be broke by the time we go on vacation so I better round up some good books to read LOL!

  3. Inquiring minds want to know just what those "other" objects were! Such a relief to read your news as opposed to ours. No wonder I don't have television. Radio and internet are bad enough. Eenjoy your day of zee hump!

  4. Susan, yeah, I'm thinking the noises coming from "other objects" had to be coming from guns . . . which worries me a h#ll of a lot more than fireworks! ;)

    Erin, you should have us round up boots for you to BORROW! But, that's right, you're gonna be down in RW, first, and will need 'em there.


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