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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The Bewitching Hour

Good morning!  I'm in a particularly good mood this day.  Dunno why, particularly since I lost a GOOSE yesterday!  

How much weight can an eagle carry?  Well, apparently the weight of a full-grown goose.  Un-freakin'-believable.  I looked online, and there are videos of eagles going after small mountain goats, wolves, foxes, and fawns.  At a dead stop, they can carry only about half their weight, but, if the wind is right and the prey is on an open hillside . . . they can swoop away with MUCH more.  (How big does this "open hillside" need to be?  Again, apparently my poultry yard - at 60' x 60' and on a bit of a hill - qualifies.)  Mama & Papa Pea are butchering today, and I was going to bring in two of these geese, but now?  Forget it.  I need to hang on to what I can.  And, unless I get just of couple of chickens which will remain INSIDE the chicken house this winter, Chicken Mama ain't getting any more poultry until the (poultry) yard goes through a SEVERE remodel.

The ex and I spent a full day together yesterday, our first since the divorce was finalized.  (Our trips to Duluth to meet with lawyers in the midst of it all don't qualify as 'enjoyable' days, I don't think!)  He came out to do loads of roof work - dangerous roof work.  In the past when he'd worked on the roof (after falling off it and really banging himself up that once), he'd always worn his climbing gear and was roped off, but it was neat watching him do the same yesterday - except in a MUCH more comprehensive manner.  It's amazing what one learns climbing Denali!  ;)  Point being, it was nice to watch him doing the work in a much more . . . what's the word . . . competent . . . fashion.  Cheers to him!

Some of you may remember that, the same day Tom was moving out back in January, we discovered that the roof portion of the Kalamazoo chimney (the stove in the middle room of the house) was G-O-N-E.  A BIG, wet snow load had taken it right off the roof, and the snow was so deep at the side of the house there that the heavy chimney had buried itself when it fell.  Both of us wiping away tears, we'd put a temporary patch over the hole.  For obvious reasons, I had bigger concerns that spring but, as the temps began to drop this fall, I knew I wanted the repair work done.  And, now it is!  Tom replaced and trussed the chimney up with two supports that are screwed through the insulated roof and into the beams of the timberframe house below.  NOW if the chimney goes, it's takin' the entire roof with it!  ;)

That same snow melt last winter also ripped out two of the four screws holding the Yagi (phone) antennae in place, causing in to point right down into the roof.  I'm actually amazed that I kept receiving a signal!  That, too, was repaired in the same fashion (super duper long screws that are over a foot in length), and I should be good to go!

Then, we got the rechargeable battery replaced in the rooftop weather station and, finally, Tom reconnected a portion of the 2nd story zinc gutter downspout and screwed that in place.  It was a full day of much-needed work done, and I'm ever so appreciative!

Oh, and what did I do all day?  I was the go-fer.  And ladder holder.  Until we realized he'd be up there for HOURS.  Then, when I was inside vacuuming once during a length of time when Tom wouldn't be needing anything, I heard a massive crash.  Oops:  a wind gust had gotten the h-e-a-v-y ladder, and DOWN it went!  Amazingly, it didn't take out any windows on the way down nor even seem to damage the deck railing it landed on.  Lucky, lucky!  So, the ladder stayed down until Tom was ready to descend after hours in the cold, biting wind.  (At least it was a sunny, sunny day.)  I was exhausted last night, and I didn't "do" anything!  I can't imagine how HE felt!

Then, the ex and I went to Bundle of Joy's house for dinner.  My folks and I had long-standing plans to be there last night, but Mama Pea's fighting a bit of a bug, and she didn't want to subject Bundle of Joy to it . . . nor have to restrict her baby-time because of it!  But, when Bundle of Joy's mama and daddy heard that Tom was going to be here for the day, they insisted that he and I both come for supper.  And, believe me, that food tasted GOOD after a hard day's work!  It was a lovely end to the day, and both Tom and I are SO glad that we can still enjoy each other's company . . . AND the company of friends . . . when we're together.  Despite a little bit of ugliness during the course of the divorce, one can hardly ask for more.

Because I was here at home yesterday, a normal in-office day for me, I'll spend some time in town today, both helping my folks with their butchering and getting some work done.  That AND welcoming a couple of my most favorite little trick-or-treaters when they stop in at the office.  :)

What are YOUR plans for Halloween?  BOO!


  1. Divorce is horrible no matter how you look at it, but I am glad you two are able to start finding a new "normal" and move on. Sounds like you got a LOT accomplished! Sorry about the goose, I'm telling you that bald eagle better be gone by.... (or Annie's bringing her gun!) LOL! I had to chuckle at the thought of your parents butchering day being Halloween! Love it!

  2. I'm so glad that you and Tom get along well even though 'things' have changed. I've been checking on all the gotta do's around here. The roof and chimney aren't on that list, thank goodness.

    I need to revamp my chicken pen as I think we will have lots of snow this year, and what I have just won't make it one more winter - last year was very light in the snow department, but ... that little ghetto chicken pen just won't do any more.

    I'm not real fond of Halloween but the little kids are cute.
    Blessed Be

  3. Okay - I know I'LL never tell if you choose to take other steps to deal with the poultry pest. Who's with me????

  4. Yes, the poultry "pest". The geese have been more than happy to be herded into the chicken house each night, and I finally dug my trail camera out and loaded it up with new batteries. After checking to make sure it worked last night (the trial run - haven't used it in ages), I'm gonna set it up in the yard to see what it will see.

    Last night, Maisy and Tucker were REALLY ticked off with a fox that was barking down the driveway. I've never heard them so "angry" before! Then, later, I heard The Wolf howl . . . and it sounded like it was just outside the back door! HOWEVER, neither a fox nor a wolf can climb an 8' fence, grab a full-grown BIG goose in its mouth and then scurry back over the fence. At least, not to MY knowledge! Maybe the camera will show me a sasquatch who's just really hungry this fall and lets himself in and out of the poultry yard through the gate. ;)

  5. The trail camera is a great idea. If nothing else, you can see how the bugger is plucking poultry, so to speak. How nice that you and Tom are friends. It is so much easier and beneficial to leave the bitterness behind.


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