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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Help Me

I'm feeling grumpy and grouchy and cranky and (insert any other creative description of a negative mood here) this morning.

It's 9:59 AM as I begin to write this post, so I have exactly 24 hours to make the most of before I'm back at it at work (meeting tomorrow AM at 10:00).  23, actually, if you take out my hour drive into work.  17, actually, if we assume that I'll manage to get 8 hours of sleep tonight.  16, actually, if you take into consideration me taking a shower & getting ready for the day tomorrow.  So, suggestions, please:  how do I best organize the following into those 16 hours?
  1. The most important:  finding enough special ME time so that I'm not foul & resentful when I pull into town tomorrow.
  2. Spending at least 2 hours (if I'm lucky) doing necessary work-related things that I brought home (and please don't suggest that I put them off since these ARE my "days off" - I truly HAVE to do them).
  3. Spending a couple of hours on my web design business in order to make a customer happy whose website I said would be updated on the 1st.
  4. Mow more of the jungle that is the front yard.
  5. Do chores (animals).
  6. Do up some more of the stinky dishes.
  7. Wash & pack & invoice more eggs for delivery tomorrow.
  8. Iron some clothes for my work week.
There, those are the MUST DOs.  I have not put in things that I'd LIKE to make "must-do"s like vacuuming.  Heeeeeelllllllllp!


  1. 1. Me time: 7 pm to bedtime!
    2. 2-7 pm, web design & other work & eggs
    3. Get a couple of goats
    4. Vacuum first, it will clear your head and you can think about your day...
    5. Ironing? You need to quit that, honestly most of the people I know that insist on ironing you can't even tell the difference! And this is coming from the person who wore immaculate uniforms in the military! Iron, shmiron - I actually had to purchase in iron this year for blocking knitting, other than that haven't ironed in years!

    There's my plan of attack!

  2. Here's a thought though... do you have any 4-H students or the like who might like to do poultry chores and/or mowing in exchange for the experience in collecting/preparing eggs for sale, husbandry, and maybe a Thanksgiving Bird and weekly eggs??? Try a local post, you might be surprised at the results!
    Good luck girlfriend, you know I would help you in a fast minute if I could!

  3. Thanks, friend. :) How did you KNOW that vacuuming would help me clear my head for the other stuff?!

    And, I'm gonna take a picture of my clothes pre and post-ironing . . . just for you so that you can see the necessity. ;)

    Oh, and 7:00 - bedtime as Me Time? Holy shee-it! That's a long, wonderful time! Not sure I'd know how to swing that!

    And . . . would the goats know to only eat the weeds & grass and leave the trees and perennials alone? xo

    P.S. All those complaints aside (I warned that I was in a grumpy mood!), I AM gonna try some version of your suggested schedule.

  4. Good idea on the 4-H thing . . . but, being an hour out of town, it's not practical. I know, I just shouldn't complain so much.

  5. Hey I didn't say my help would actually be "helpful"!! I figured vacuuming is one of those deals where you get to do 2 things at the same time, think and clean, so that's a good way to get double accomplishments! You have to tie the goats to a stake and move them around the yard LOL, there was an episode of a comedy show that had their kid's "new business idea" - he tied sheep up in every front yard in his neighborhood to mow the grass for him and by the end of the day all the yards were dirt and there were no more flowerbeds LOL! But maybe they can open up more sun for your solar panels by removing some trees, heehee... I know, "not being helpful" again... I really need to get to work myself! Sending love, hugs, energy and thoughts of spiked Blackberry Lemonade your way!

  6. Whatcha need, there, is some sorta contraption rigged up with hardware cloth and a coupla wire trays and a big ol' spray head on your faucet, hose, or solar shower.

    In the middle, you have your eggs, all layed out on the hardware cloth, and the wire grid is just right to hold them in place while you blast 'em clean.

    Down below that, you have some of them stinky dishes in a tray. They get all that egg-water comin' down on them, soaking and loosening the gunk, and when you're down with the eggs you can just hose the dishes off, too.

    The third level? Well, way up high overhead, you've rigged another wire tray. You can reach up and hook your clothes hangers through it, and all the steam from washing will drop all those wrinkles right out of your clothes--no iron needed!

  7. MaineCelt, LOL! That's what I love, another gal into dual/triple purpose ideas!!

  8. Since you asked, it's ok to be bossy, right??

    By now it's 6:30 pm, so I hope you've had a restful day even if you did have chores to get to. I've found that doing physical labor on my days off can be very constructive in more ways than one. My real job doesn't allow for much physical activity, so riding the tractor, taking care of the animals and other chores actually feels kind of good.

    Now, it's almost 7:00 pm. Follow Erin's instructions and start your me time. Relax, read, whatever you want to do and nothing you have to do, unless it's ironing. I concur that ironing is a necessary evil!

    Hope you're seeing a light at the end of your work tunnel and are looking forward to whatever the new venture is. Can't wait to hear more!

  9. 1. Do the web based thing. It's late and you are trying to start a biz with that.

    2. Go sit on your deck with some coffee.

    That's the whole list. That other crap should just get blown off.


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