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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

My Last Official Nannying Day (Sob!)

Yesterday was my last official nannying day with The Peanut.  :(  Now that I'm a working girl and an income of a certain monetary level has moved up the proverbial ladder to Top Priority (within reason, of course), I can no longer afford (grrr - that darn money issue that we all face!) to take care of her each week.  She's been My Girl Friday since July of 2008.

I'm desperate to not lose the special connection she and I have, though, so I still plan on hanging out with her in the evenings at least once every week or two  . . . or taking her for overnights.  Fortunately, "I want to go to Boppee's house!" is still a common request.  :)

I knew it was gonna be a bittersweet day when I arrived to see this gorgeous bouquet glowing in the early morning sun.

Later in the day, The Peanut came to me saying, "Boppee, I pick a flowa for yoo!"  I took it, saying thank you, and asked (testing her), "Oooh!  What kind is it?"

Why, "A 'Ump Up'," of course!  (Johnny Jump Up.)
After this one, she picked a buttercup and asked what it was called.  I said, "That's a buttercup!"  Several minutes later, that little mind working the whole time, she asked, "Dis 'buttah-cup' . . . but no buttah on it, wight?"

Then we planted two seed potatoes that The Peanut had gotten from Grandma J (Mama Pea).

And watered . . . .

And now she'll get to watch her garden grow!

I am just about the luckiest woman alive to have gotten to share the past two years with this precious little one.  Thanks, L & C, for sharing her with me!


  1. This quasi-grandma is having a little trouble with leaky eyes reading this post. Fridays won't be the same around here either because of missing the drop-in visits of Boppee and The Peanut.

  2. This has to be really tough, hopefully you two will have many girls nights to come and the relationship will just evolve into a different type, and never end! She is SUCH a cutie!

  3. A relationship this wonderful will last forever! What awesome influenece you've already had on her life and think about all the fun yet to be had. What a blessed little Peanut to have an extended family that loves her so much!

  4. The Peanut is so blessed to have you in her life. We,too,are commited to having the close relatioship continue ~ she LOVES Bopee! Thanks again for all of everything. And thanks to your parents for the hours of distraction and pounds of cheese and cases of crackers and bushels of raspberries that feed The Peanut in many ways. Love you Weslie!

  5. Thanks, everyone . . . and your comments make me smile, Ms. Anonymous. ;)

    My greatest hope is that she and I will still be having sleep-overs when she's 14 and thinks her parents are totally stupid but that Bopee is still cool . . . and then there's watching her participate in high school activities . . . and then her wedding will be here . . . and AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! ;)


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