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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Short 'n' Sweet

I'm dog tired tonight, but I want to keep my readership up, so I'm making the supreme effort to post, y'all.  ;)

Got home from a long day in town nannying followed by some errands.  Think I rolled in about 10:30 tonight . . . and I left at 8:00 this AM.  That's a solid day, eh?  

When I picked the dogs up from their "grand parents'" (my folks), Mom mentioned that Maisy had urped 3 times since her dinner.  She said Maisy obviously got into something but that there shouldn't be much remaining in her stomach.  Wrong.  She vomited a HUGE amount up in the back of the car on the way home.  Fortunately, I had half a box of Kleenex in the car.  Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough.  So, my first welcome-home task was to put on work clothes and clamber into the back of the car to clean up the rest of the mess and then scrub, scrub, scrub.  I wonder how the ol' Yaris is going to smell inside on the first nice, hot day?  (Ugh.)  

Oh, AND . . . every time the dear dog has tried to come inside tonight, she vomits again!  Although, truly there's nothing much left now.  And, to her credit, she seems to know that it would be better if she stayed outside.  Tucker's keeping her company out of sympathy.  I've left the front door ajar.  They can come in when they're ready.  I sure do wonder what they (or Maisy, at least) got into, though!  The accident in the car was very . . . umm . . . cheesy.  (You weren't eating, were you?)

Okay, it's midnight, and this lady homesteader is turning into a pumpkin.  Hasta manana.


  1. Your readers thank you, lol! I hope Maisy is okay, sometimes plain rice and boiled chicken or hamburger for a day will be bland and clear it out, I am sure you will be reminded of it all the first hot day in the car! You sure keep busy and put me to shame! Soooo, we are starting (very beginning stages) of looking for a parcel of land... forgive my in advance for the barrage of questions I may have for you soon! :) Have a great day today, and don't forget that cocktail and the view this evening! I feel I have to remind you or else you may stay out chasing chickens and ducks all night!

  2. All she got for dinner was straight dog food . . . no cheese, honest. (But I noted a cheesy-sour smell rising from the three up-chucks I cleaned up, too.)

    P.S. Any readers still out there? Helloo-oo? Anybody still with us???

  3. hey Mama Pea, what am I, chopped liver? LOL

  4. Hey, Erin! I thought after my further description of Maisy's . . . ah, um, er . . . upsetness, you (and any other readers) would hesitate in checking back for further developments! ;o)

  5. If the barfing doesn't stop, I'd take her to the vet. Unless she's just a barfy dog in general, but I don't remember that about her. Is her abdomen bloated? If so, to the vet pronto. I'm sure that won't add any stress to your mellow schedule, right??? ;)

  6. Hope the pup's better by now. My least favorite job as a mom to my kids or critters is cleaning up puke!

  7. Try cleaning the car seat with a bit of white vinegar and water, then sprinkle with baking soda. That will *probably* neutralize the smell, at least in the short term. Hope she feels better soon!

  8. Erin, thanks for the reminder regarding the cocktail and quiet time on the deck! I DO need to be reminded! Haven't taken the time to do anything like that since that evening when Tom brought me out that funky, made-from-a-solid-log chair . . . and that was weeks ago! And, I'm SO excited that you're dipping your toes into the land-buying pool. It's a buyer's market right now, so you have that HUGE benefit goin' for you. I can't wait to be deluged by questions! :)

    Claire, thanks for the suggestion about her tummy. Some instinct has made me check that daily, since this all began. Fortunately, it's all behind us now . . . I think. Of course, Tucker threw up last night . . . but he does that on occasion to expel the small rocks he eats! Geez.

    And, Jenyfer, thanks for the cleaning tip. I used Resolve, but, if that doesn't do it, rest ASSURED I'll be trying your method!


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