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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Hanging Out

No, the title of this post doesn't refer to kickin' back.  Nope, today is National Hanging Out Day!  As in LAUNDRY!  Did you know?  (I didn't - until I got an e-mail from the Vermont Country Store.)  Since I already have clothes on the line, as we speak, I guess I'm ahead of the game.  But, since it's a sunny day (enough solar power), I'll get another load washed & hung . . . just to celebrate!  

HEY, I know!  Here's a challenge for all of YOU reading this right now.  If you're at home today . . . or even if you're not but can still fit it into your schedule . . . get some laundry done and hang it out and then take a picture and send it to me . . . or write a post about it on YOUR blog!  If you send me a photo, I'll post it here!  Let's do our tiny part for the planet today and enjoy the wonderful smell of clothes dried in the sun!  Whoooo-hooo!

In celebration of National Hanging Out Day . . . a beautiful wind farm in South Dakota (I think?) from last March.
Besides all that excitement, I've gone into past posts - all the way back to No Time To Post and done follow-ups in the Comments sections.  I've written quite a bit, so it might be interesting for you to go take a peek.  (After reading the comments to No Time To Post, just click on 'Newer Post' at the bottom left of the last comment, and it will take you to the next / newer post.)


  1. I had some out, but when I read the post I had already collected and folded them! Of course I could be a complete dork and go hang the dry stuff back up, LOL!

  2. Although I did a full wash today, I took the easy way out and threw the clothes in the dryer (quicker) because we were so tied up with getting the pruning finished.

    I don't suppose the picture on my blog of the rugs out on the line yesterday would qualify, huh? Nah, I didn't think so. Sigh. A day late and a dollar short again. Sigh.

  3. We townhome dwellers are not allowed to hang anything outside :(

    Every once in a while I hang a girth over my little fence but that is it.

    Poor Maisy!

    This post didn't take the first time. I hope I am not duping.

  4. TJ, duping? Oh, duplicating! (Nope, you weren't.)

    Yeah, I just don't get that regarding townhomes & condos. A friend who has a condo in Chicago was just formally BANNED from doing the same. I get that the associations want to avoid places looking scrappy or whatever, but COME ON! I wonder what their reaction would be if you ever asked to turn your tiny yard into a victory garden?!

  5. I just saw the question about the "Victory Garden" and I believe it would probably be a "no"!! Can you believe it? I have friends all over out here on the East Coast that even in a single family home their Homeowner's Association specifically prohibits vegetables, some are "guerrilla gardening", hiding them amongst the ornamentals, which incidentally, have to be chosen off of a preapproved list! This is why I live "in the hood", LOL

  6. Erin, "ornamentals, which incidentally, have to be chosen off of a preapproved list"?!!! In private, single-family homes (and yards)??? Are you freakin' KIDDING ME!

    Oh. My. God. I would shoot myself. Or them. ('Course, in this day and age you can't even say that in jest, but you get my meaning!) What ever happened to a little thing called AUTONOMY???

  7. I know, huh? And that's everywhere that has a hard-core HOA, even MN! So lesson here is that if you ever move into a neighborhood, stay away from HOA's you will never truly have a private home. It would drive me nuts, and I have to laugh whenever some friends here get together and the conversation turns to the best ways to "hide" tomatoes or pea vines, LOL! In my yard, if it can't be eaten or be beneficial to wildlife, it doesn't rate a space here! It's a crazy world, and getting worse, which is why I'm going to hide from it all Chicken Mama style, lol... I need a good amount of land buffer from the crazy people!

  8. Interesting discussion in your comments. I'm glad I have a big backyard where I can hang out laundry and have vegetable gardens too! Not to mention letting my dandelions and wildflowers grow instead of spraying everything dead! If there was a HOA in my neighborhood, I'd be at the top of their "worst yard" list!


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