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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

For Sale

Before these go on eBay, I thought I'd give you a chance at 'em.  I'll wait for a couple of days before posting them there.  So, first come, first serve!  Prices do not include shipping (which will be based on weight & the manner in which you'd like them sent, e.g. First Class or Parcel Post).

Above:  Size 12, Ibex, 100% cotton slacks.  Material feels like micro-suede.  Very minor wear in one area on front (see below).  Grey (with greenish hue) in color.  Hardly worn.  $15.


Middle left:  Mossimo Premium Denim Jeans, Size 18.  Like new, slightly tapered leg.  Purposeful manufactured "wear" on front pockets and hems.  $10.

Top right:  Levi Jeans, Size 36 / 32.  Regular fit, 100% cotton.  Like new.  $20.

Top left:  Wrangler Jeans, Size 36 / 34.  Regular fit, 100% cotton.  Like new.  $20.
Bottom right:  Flannel-lined Carhartt Jeans, Size 38 / 32.  Straight leg, 100% cotton exterior, 65%/35% cotton/poly lining.  Like new.  $25. 

Bottom left:  Carhartt Jeans, Size 38 / 32.  Regular fit, 100% cotton duck.  Style B11, like new except for small hole on front left thigh and slight wearing of cuffs.  See two images below.  Click here for product details.  $15.

Photo courtesy of Schaefer Ranchwear.

 Brand new, never worn (bought two for sizing, forgot to return this one!).
 Size large.  Color:  charcoal.  $85.

Additional / detailed pictures of everything listed above available upon request.  You can e-mail me privately at mama (at) chickenmamaoriginals (dot) com.  (No spaces.)



  1. Cleaning out! I need to do the same...

  2. I LOVE that vest! Good taste, my friend!

  3. Patty, too bad your hubby isn't a 'Large'! This one was even too big for Tom - he has the medium. Maybe cattle barons are of a "huskier" breed. ;)


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