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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Firewood Delivered!

I've really missed blogging!  

But, since a week ago last Sunday,
I've been home only long enough to sleep (briefly) at night
and do the barest minimum of chores around here.

I'll explain why just as soon as I'm done and CAN write a proper post.

In the meantime,
enjoy these pictures of next winter's 12 cords of birch that were delivered,
after all, last week.


  1. Looks remarkably like a pile of logs we have in our own back wood working area. Between our two homesteads, there's a lot of sawdust to be made!

  2. Holy crap.... those photos are scaring me... how much sq footage do you have? We were thinking of building about 14-1600 sq ft. OMG are you using 12 cords per season? That's freaking cold, lol! And what's the cute green house structure in the photo?

  3. Yup, Mom, lots of sawdust! (I love it!)

    Erin, no, no, don't be scared! :) I don't have a calculator in front of me, but I think the house is just over 2,000 sq. feet. BUT, the Central Boiler (fed by this wood) also heats the battery room & the workshop out in the garage . . . AND provides ALL of the house's hot water in the winter months. (So, you can deduct the cost of running a hot water heater during those months.)

    Tom was the one who kept track of how many cords we went thru each year, and so this is the beginning of me keeping track. I'm as interested as you to see how much I'll burn next winter! :) And, when I'm at my desk on the main computer, I'll try to get a guesstimate together (of past years' use) based on what we've spent on firewood ordered.

    And, finally, you have me totally stumped: WHAT "cute green house structure in the photo"???

  4. That's a thing of beauty! Makes me smile. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

  5. not like in "greenhouse"... but green colored house! Is that an office or workshop? The one with the red trim? I have been reading up on the Central Boiler systems the past few weeks, seems like that is really the way to go. I read that the "avg home" uses about 5 cords per winter season, and I figured it would be more up there since I am sure the "average home" the book spoke of was probably in middle America!

  6. That's a lot of wood! Are you going to cut it?

  7. Whoa! That's a lot of wood! But at least you know you'll be warm when next winter comes.

  8. I guess I know what I'll be doing when I come to visit!!!

  9. I don't know when or how I missed it, but the stone "fence" divider between the house and garage is positively enchanting. Yes, I used the word enchanting. I love it! The house looks great as it is unearthed from the winter. xoxo


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