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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Sunday Morning

I took the laptop to bed with me last night, but after I'd turned it on and read one or two posts from other blogger friends, I just didn't have it in me to write myself.  Too tired.

It's been a busy weekend on the winter driveway:  it's the Easter Seals Snow-A-Rama snowmobile fund-raising weekend on the rez, and one of the big events was a poker run from there to Point B and back.  So, I've been hearing the whine of 2 and 4-stroke engines all weekend.  Tomorrow I'll go out to clean-up-plow the road.  Even tho there is special flagging for the busy weekend reminding riders to stay on the trail, it's an inevitability that a few take to the wide-open road and the luge-esque fun that the snowbanks offer, knocking down said snowbanks and making a mess of the road.  Oh, well, such is life.

In just these last two weeks or so, the sun has started to make SUCH a difference!  First off, the clouds of mid-winter have lifted, and the solar panels are getting a lot more battery-charging rays.  I, in turn, have been taking those opportunities of free electricity to get laundry & some ironing done.  (The ironing, especially, is a HUGE energy-sucker . . . which is a bummer 'cause I love to iron!)

My 20 minutes (minimum) of daily snow shoveling has been aided by the sun, too, and most days find me jacket-less by the end.  There is a downside to that powerful warmth, though, too:  it's melting the top layers of snow causing a hard crust to form once it freezes AND compacts all the snow underneath.  I'm STILL working on removing the snow from the large deck, and I've been shoveling there for DAYS!  I really should do the math to figure out how many cubic feet of snow I'm dealing with (Ms. Blueberry Hills, maybe I'll send the numbers to you & you can crunch 'em!).  I've removed all of the white stuff that can be easily shoveled and am now left with frozen, compacted cement that's 3' deep.  Yesterday I finally pulled out the ice chipper (what's that tool really called?), and today I will start hacking away at what remains.  But, don't think that I'm complaining!  With each bend-and-stretch-and-lift, I think of all the good that it's doing my body.

I know this is an old, repetitious complaint, but have any of you figured out the key, yet, to having enough time in the day?  I kid you not:  last night I came down the stairs from . . . I can't remember what . . . and thought, "I'm gettin' hungry.  Must be time for dinner."  I looked at the pendulum clock on the living room wall and exclaimed, out loud, "It's 10:00?!!!"  In-sane.

Tom's coming out tomorrow to collect some things.  He wants to take some pictures, too, of his Mac & custom-made sea (or Great Lakes) kayak in order to sell them.  It sounds like the Mac (it's a desktop, not a Notebook) may already be spoken for, but does anyone want a beautiful, used-fewer-than-10-times, kayak?  He's considering (nothing has been decided yet) about climbing Denali in the spring, and so he needs to raise some funds for that.  While he's here, I'll have him help me take down the 'Go Away' sign on the driveway.  That thing is heavier than heavy, and it needs to come down in order for the short-bed logging truck to drive in with the birch I ordered.

Up until now, Tom's been fortunate enough to have a mutual friend offer him the use of one of his nightly rentals right (RIGHT!) on Lake Superior.  But, there's no kitchenette, and, besides, Bigview Flyboy is going to need it open & available again as the tourist season picks up come May.  So, Tom contacted some other friends who own a small hotel in town, and they have one long-term, house-keeping unit that they've said he can rent.  He's going to see it this week - the one problem being that it may be a basement unit, whose dark environment would do NOTHING for Tom's struggles with S.A.D. and depression!  Finally, Tom felt the need to get himself a P.O. box in town, so his mailing address is different now.  Anyone who needs that info can e-mail him directly.  I have a feeling that, in time, his e-mail address will probably change, too, but I'll keep y'all posted.

And now . . . ON WITH THE DAY!  Oh!  No!  Wait!  I do have one more thing to share.

For the past month, I've been talking to chosen business owners, letting them know that I'm looking for outside work now.  I have two jobs loosely lined up already - they'd begin in the spring.  Buuuuut, if I could get this third position that just popped up on my radar last Thursday, it would be WONDERFUL:  it's a full-time (but just 35 hours a week) year-round jobs with benefits.  And, double bonus, it's a non-profit that I've been working with for almost the past year already, designing their new website!  So, a good relationship has already been established AND, if they hire me, they'll have a web administrator on-staff (a selling point I'm gonna stress)!  I heard back from them pretty much immediately when I expressed my interest Thursday morning.  They want me to send in my resume (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!) and a cover letter, so that's on the docket for this afternoon.  Wish me luck!!  Applications close on March 10th.  (I wish it were sooner, but what are ya gonna do?)


  1. Yo! I can tell you how much snow you've shoveled. It's you-don't-want-to-know cubic feet. ha ha. Seriously, I'm a bit of an expert on the resume thing, so if you need help with formatting, what should go in it, etc, let me know. Those things can consume WAY too much time if you don't have one already set up. One easy (ha) way to get started is to find someone's and copy the format.

  2. Rock and roll! I hope the resume and cover letter writing is going well. Knock 'em dead! You have excellent organizational and delegation skills, which is a huge bonus to any position.

  3. Wow, you have been a busy bee! I hope you get that position, I will be pulling for you! Sorry, we are full up on kayaks already, lol! Denali... really??? My dad was an ice climbing expedition team member out in the Pacific Northwest for awhile, I hope he has at least ascended peaks like Ranier and Mt. Hood before attempting Denali It sounds like you are getting your fair share of physical exercise right now, be careful of injury! Gotta admit, the luge-esque fun on the road sounds like a blast, not sure I could resist that. Get to work on that resume, we'll still be here anxiously awaiting the updates... good things are going to happen for you!

  4. Good luck! I am rooting for you :)

  5. Good luck on the job! Speaking from experience, it's really nice to get employment with people you've already worked with and you all like each other as co-workers and friends.

  6. Jordan, thanks for the offer! I haven't finished it yet, and I just may run it past you later today.

    Claire, I "have excellent organizational and delegation skills"? Why, thank you! And, yes, I AM good at telling people where to stick things. I mean . . . . ;)

    Erin, TJ, & Ruthie; thanks for the support regarding this job opening! I'll keep everyone posted as I learn more along the way.

    And, Erin, noooo, he hasn't done much (any) ice climbing. Or mountaineering. His one friend is an Arctic explorer and so has that going for him, and they are all "extreme winter sports" kinda guys . . . but still. You can't just "pull off" a climb up Denali. I'm HOPING and assuming that he will come to the realization that it's not the best thing to do right now. And, since he hasn't started any specific training yet, I think he is figuring that out.

  7. Chicken Mama,
    I have been so busy lately with our own stuff that I haven't had a chance to read up on your blog lately. I am so sorry that you have been going thru these trials and tribulations since January. I would like to recommend a book for Tom to read about natural remedies for depression etc. It's called, The Mood Cure." Very interesting read. Basically it emphasizes the role good nutrition plays in our moods and especially how protein with it's amino acids affects our happiness factor. We are doing some of the recommendations and are seeing huge benfits. You would like it as well. Anyway, if you have questions, let me know! Take care,


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