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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Battered. But not beaten.

Ugh, I am tired tonight.  Like, there's nowhere I want to be other than right here in my bed tired.  Like, I don't want to write a blog post tonight tired.  But, I do want to get the words out, so write I will.  But, before I get down to the nitty-gritty . . . .

Have you ever been beaten about the head by a turkey's wings?  I have.  In the past hour.  The only thing that really saved me is that Turkey Durk is feelin' a little poorly at the moment.  Here's the story:

A week or so ago, after a cool spell, I noticed Turkey Durk acting other than his normal, chipper self.  He didn't move much and, when he did . . . well, he wobbled.  I finally realized that the dumb animal was frozen!  As in chilled to the bone!  I carried him into the chicken house with no trouble and put him right under the heat lamp.  He proceeded to wobble back outside through the little poultry door.  Dumb gobbler.  

That night, I went out to walk or carry Turkey Durk back into the house for the night.  I'd lock him in.  Surprise, surprise, he was already IN the coop AND on the highest rung of the roost!  

He kept to the chicken coop for the next couple of days and then wandered outside once his self-imposed "shut in" was complete.  I was relieved and happy to hear him give his normally robust hoot of a warbling gobble.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I noticed the same behavior again this morning.  I was determined that he sleep inside tonight.  However, instead of taking the time to w-a-l-k him in (a slow process!), I chose to pick him up.  Unfortunately, I didn't have his wings properly pinned against his body AND he wasn't as weak as before when the dummy had gotten so cold.  

The upshot?  This lady homesteader was, as I said, soundly beaten about the head and her headlamp was knocked severely askew.  Matter of fact, I even pulled my glove off to feel if my right ear was bleeding.  But, persistence prevailed, and the turkey is in the coop.  And, if he falls over dead from the cold tomorrow . . . well, it won't be my fault!

And, with that said, I really have to close my eyes.  I'll try to get the rest out tomorrow.


  1. now THAT is something that definitely doesn't happen often, LOL Glad you are okay!

  2. Oh, I tell ya . . . the hazards of being a small-time poultry farmer! This morning, though, it did take me a moment to figure out why I have a strained muscle in my right arm . . . then I remembered. :)

  3. I'm thinkin' Thanksgiving might come early this year and I am willing to help pluck!!! Ha If ever that would get on you tube I think people would have a good laugh!! Love ya, Auntie

  4. Hannah, would YouTube watchers be laughing when we pluck 'im or when he's beating me senseless when all I'm trying to do is help him?!

    I might begin calling him 'Thanksgiving', though . . . put the fear of the roasting pan in him!


  5. Enjoying your blog - found it through my brother's (Between History & Destiny)

    Can totally empathize with turkey bashing - got thunked by a nesting hen the other day myself!


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