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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Sharing Germs

Uuuuuggghhh.  I'm sick.
Over NYE, The Peanut was very sick and contracted croup.  

Here is a shot of her, having her temperature taken for
the umpteenth time but snuggled on Uncle Tommy's lap, a week ago today.

I feel the same as she looks.
Glassy-eyed and a little miserable.

I really hoped the extra packets of Emergen-C I took these last few days would get me through the germies, but no such luck.  Besides, LOTS of people are sick right now.  Matter of fact, I guess Duluth (pop. ~80,000) has closed some of its schools because over 1/2 of the teachers are out sick!

I just hope Tom doesn't get it.  If he can stay on top of his needed sleep, he can usually out-sleep most any germs.  But, he hasn't been home in over 24 hours.  Yesterday, the man who was supposed to work last night got fired, and since Tom was the only manager on-site . . . well, guess who had to work an additional 8 hours until 1:00 AM, shuttling drunks home?  ("At least they were happy drunks", he said!)

And, because getting off work at 1:00 means getting home at 2:30 . . . only to get up 3 1/2 hours later at 6:00 . . . obviously it made WAY more sense for him to stay.  Me thinks I need to get a permanent overnight bag - and perhaps an extra shirt - together which he can keep in his office for just these situations.


  1. ohmigosh! he had to shuttle drunks home? Is it a bar or restaurant work? That's horrible to work all day and then have to deal with those dorks at night, lol! Hope he stays well and your Vitamin C doses kick in! Y'all are making me tired just reading about it, lol!

  2. Erin, thanks for the sympathy . . . for both of us! :)

    Oh, the poor guy: I spoke to him a short time ago, and he hardly slept last night and then one of his staff (of course, the guy who was scheduled to work tonight!) slipped on the ice and whacked his head so hard that it brought on a debilitating migraine. So, that's another one "down for the count". At this point, I'm just crossing my fingers that he'll be home for his b-day party celebration Sunday night! Trying to coordinate the schedules of 5 different couples / families was NOT easy!

    Oh, and he works for a ski resort, and it's the big "Snow Ball" weekend: lots of bands from the Cities performing, etc. And, since no one wants drunk driving between the ski hill (where the bands perform) & lodges, they provide this free shuttle service. Unfortunately (for my hubby), that also means someone responsible has to do the driving!

  3. Yuck! I"m thinking he's going to get home, finally, and want to crash for his b-day!
    Hope you are feeling better. I HATE being sick! We've been sick way more than usual d/t daycare.

  4. wow! LOL.... I think they should just tie the drunk guys up behind snow machines and drag them around... they're probably having so much fun they wouldn't notice!

  5. I think you should take a self-portrait of yourself and post it. It would undoubtedly get you a whole boatload more sympathy.

    I'm just back from town and picked up the few things you needed. What if Tom doesn't make it home again tonight and can't stop on his way to pick the stuff up for you? (At least it's kleenex you're out of and not toilet paper.)

    Take care of yourself, lovey, and Tom, too, when he gets home.

  6. So sorry you're sick!! We've had the same bug in abundance around here. And it's no wonder-I was at the grocery store and the produce clerk, who was obviously not well, was coughing all over the fruit and handling it after she blew her nose without using hand sanitizer after. I lost my appetite for apples right on the spot. Hoping your recovery is quick and umcomplicated!

  7. I hope you feel better soon Chicken Mama! it's no fun to be sick--especially when you have to be home by yourself!


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