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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I don't think I have any business trying to blog considering I just tried putting some Magic Shell on ice cream and couldn't quite figure out why it wouldn't come out (something about the kitchen being too cold, I think).  Anyway . . . .

I'm finally feeling better!  Compared to "normal", I'd feel terrible, I think . . . but it's been so LONG since I've FELT normal that I am tickled to feel as lousy as I do!

I slept well last night - the first time decent sleep has been successful in a while, and I'm hoping for another good night tonight.  I even managed to take a shower this afternoon . . . which I'm sure Tom was pretty pleased about!  Although, I haven't even attempted trying to sleep while lying in the (gasp!) prone position, not to mentioned in BED, in so long that I don't know if he'd care.  The library and its old couch have become my sanctuary.

I wouldn't have made it thru these last couple of days, though, were it not for Nora Roberts (Three Sisters Island trilogy) and Jennifer Chiaverini (Elm Creek quilts)*.  And northeastern Minnesota's Mail-A-Book system.  And the invention of audio books.  I've got a good "real" (physical) book right now, 'Go If You Think It Your Duty', but I can't read when I'm sick.  But listen?  No problem.

* For those of you familiar with either of these authors:  yes, I do think I might be a witch now (having read 'Dance Upon the Air') AND I'm thinking of turning our home here into a quilt (and/or handwork) retreat.  I'm actually somewhat serious about the latter.  I mean, both!  ;)

And, double bonus:  if I'm up to it, I can do handwork while I listen to audio books.  So far, I've gotten a shirt & a pair of Tom's boxers mended, a frilly hat I wouldn't be caught dead in crocheted (but that was a hoot to make and that I hope SOMEone will love) , and Baby Girl's December 16th birthday hat made.  Oh, and two other hats finished . . . and my dear, beautiful "adopted daughter"'s (see below) Christmas hat (almost) done.  I have only 2, maybe 3 rows left . . . and I ran out of the yarn.  And, the real problem?  I have NO idea where I got it!  My best hope now is to find a similar texture yarn and finish the bottom in that.  Hmph.

I'll post pictures of all these projects (well, I don't know if you're dying to see the mending!) just as soon as I'm up to uploading 'em.  Oh, and I have a new wound, too, from 'When Turkeys Attack'.  I'll have to show you that one, too.  (ONE of these days, I'll learn not to wear red when I do chores!!!)

Back I go to 'The Quilter's Homecoming' and starting The Peanut's Christmas hat.  She (just 2 years old) picked out the yarn one day while we were shopping:  it's BRILLIANT red!  Yikes!  We'll see what she thinks of the finished product.  ;)  I think I'll work some creme into it to balance things out.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! The hat thing made me laugh, my husband's "learning to crochet" efforts have paid off.... in HIS mind... and he has made a hat and insists on wearing it! It is made from the cheapest, ugliest "learn to knit" disposable yarn, it's full of dropped stitches, puffy in some spots... it's HIDEOUS! And he has been wearing it EVERYWHERE! He says "oh, you're just jealous, I'll make you one too"! Ugh!

  2. When's the date of the first quilting/handwork retreat? Never mind. Sign me up anyway. I'll be there.

    (Your place would be an idyllic place for such a business. Talk about a destination spot!)

  3. I live not too far from Waterford PA, which is the town she uses for the local..but it's just not the same. twice a year a dozen of us sneak off to the HI EXPRESS nearby to have a crafty weekend to do whatever we can't finish with the interruptions of home life. This March will be our 14th time..must be working for us!
    Enjoy your recovery...but don't rush..use it as long as you can.. :O)

  4. Glad you're feeling better!

    And we could do a little birding too? (when I come up for the knitter's/handwork retreat?) ;-)


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