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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Are You Ready?

Are YOU ready for Christmas? I know I'M not!!! I know, I know: I never am, but this year I'm REALLY not! So far though, and bizarrely enough, I've been able to keep the scrambling anxiety at bay. But, just give me a day or two. ;)

After finding the Christmas tree last Sunday,
we all explored the woods a little further
and found a PERFECT little skating pond!
Tom chopped into the ice with his axe to see how thick it was.

Here he checks it out in another area (it was quite thick everywhere),
aided by Abby (may she RIP), Maisy, and Tucker.

We haven't had any new snow in an age save a dusting here and there, but we have nice, lazy flurries this morning even though it's just 10°. (20°F is the ideal snowfall temperature.) I sure hope we get a nice dumping in time for Santa's arrival!

I spent yesterday making
Christmas gifts:
pfeffernüsse and candles (Mom, pretend you didn't read this!). And, another for-Christmas present that I REALLY can't tell you about since Mama Pea IS reading this. ;) Today will be more Christmas gift prep and hopefully some tree decorating.

Yep, we've had our tree up for a week now . . .
but not a single decoration or light has found it yet.

Matter of fact, the decorations haven't even come down
from the storage area above the walk-in closet.

Why not?
(Note the mommy-to-be just 36 hours from delivery.
She's already lost 18 of the 20 pounds she gained!!)
Well, even tho the tree went up last Sunday night,
I worked Monday.

The Peanut and I decided to make Peach Cobbler.
It was one of those cold days when baking something sounded extra good.

It looked & smelled so good that we decided

to be extra decadent and eat it for lunch!

Then, the baby arrived at 8:22 AM Tuesday morning, so those activities took up all of that day and most of Wednesday. What happened Thursday? Hmmm, beats me! Clean up and organization from basically being gone the past 3 days, that much I know. On Friday, I was back down to the new parents' home to visit and try to help the new mama find some comfort with her post-partum body. Then, you already know about yesterday, and voila: here we are at Sunday again! Gak!

Speaking of the baby . . . . On Tuesday night (the day she was born), Tom stopped at the hospital on his way home from work to meet his "niece" for the first time. While we were visiting, a local woman and her folks (probably in their late 60s, early 70s) stopped in for a quick minute. I was sitting in a chair right next to the mommy in her bed, holding the little bundle of joy. Tom was sitting with the daddy eating dinner. As soon as the parents of the girlfriend came in and looked around, the mom exclaimed, "Ohhhh! Is this Grandma & Grandpa?!" Excuuuuuuuuuuse me?! Okay, granted, I was tired, but I'm lookin' like a grandma now?! Double Gak!!!

(But, yes, if you break it down, I suppose it could be possible: the mommy doesn't look a bit like her 30 years, so say she looks like she's 20 . . . and if I had her when I was almost 19 . . . well, then yes, it would work.) But STILL!! Cough, cough, splutter!!!


  1. It sounds like you're very much concentrating on the things that are realy important for Christmas-spending time with and loving on the important people in your life. What could be more wonderful than that?

    We've simplified this year and it's felt so good and seems much more like the season is intended to be. I say that now, but this coming week is the busiest of the year for me. Ask me if I still feel that way next week this time!

    It's been snowing a lot this weekend-sitting right now in front of the fireplace watching it coming down.

    Your home is so warm and cozy. Enjoy the next few days with those you love most as you prepare for your Christmas celebration.


  2. Love the pics! We have been working on homemade gifts too this year, I have been baking and the kids have been painting ornaments from balsa wood cutouts and tying ribbons on to hang. have fun!


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