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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Who Has the Time?

Now that summer is HERE, I know I don't hardly have the time to keep up on a FRACTION of the blogs I like to read, so how can I expect that anyone is reading mine? But, for the handful of you who still find the time, here's . . . not much (but it's all that time allows)!

Yesterday, Tom spent the day with one of our dear friends working on a 3-sided storage shed. I stopped by last night around 8:00 PM, and they had just finished.

Yesterday morning, there was nothing here but the four corner bases. They built the ENTIRE thing ALL . . . IN . . . ONE . . . DAY. Nothing was pre-made. Impressive, huh? 'Course, I told Tom that HIS problem is now that I've seen just how fast he can do a project like this, it should hardly be ANYTHING for him to pound together my greenhouse! ;)

The bugs (blackflies & mosquitoes) are HORRIFIC this year. I think we all anticipated (i.e. desperately hoped for) a "good" bug year since it was such a cool, late spring, but NO SUCH LUCK. I'm heading out soon here to work in the chicken yard and then the field garden, and I'll either be dousing myself with 100% DEET or covering myself in unbearably hot, non-breathable bug netting. What a choice - between the lesser of two evils.

Tom, meanwhile, is having what should be a typical Sunday: puttering around on odd jobs. He's already fixed the side door entrance light and the piece of gutter that fell off the roof. And pounded together a couple sections of crop covers for the field garden (to keep birds, chipmunks, etc. from eating the good stuff).

And now, I'm off, too. I got the pepper plants in yesterday. Today will be the broccoli & red cabbage & tomatoes (thanks, Mom, for starting all of these from seed!!). Tomorrow, maybe, I'll get to the onion sets & the potatoes. I'll get a couple of hours in on outside chores, and then I think we'll head to the lake 2 miles down the road. Fresh fish for dinner??


  1. What a nice little shed. Good job Guys!

  2. "Don't hardly"? "Don't hardly"?!

    Don't hardly have time to proofread?!?

    Since summer is here, I don't hardly have anything to do but pick on my friends!!


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