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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Rain & Relations


It's raining.

What's new?

Actually, if we wait 10 minutes, the sky will be blue again. But then, in another 10 minutes, it will be pouring again. Such has been the weather for the past . . . weeks, it seems like. I keep mumbling about how absolutely ideal the temperature & rain are for all those flower seeds I'd hope to get planted this spring . . . but I still only have the Creeping Thyme in. Why? Well, when the weather is good enough to be working outside, either the wind is blowing so fiercely that trying to rake anything and then plant teeny, tiny seeds would be a joke . . . or I'm away from home . . . or I'm AT home but doing some of the MUST-DOs on my list! (Sigh.)

Matter of fact, I'm not even home right now. I'm nannying, and the peanut is asleep . . . but struggling a bit restlessly through her nap. She's popping through a molar and has a little fever. Oh, the trevails of a 19-month old! :)

But, being here - away from MOST of the STUFF I have to do at home (I'm choosing to very consciously ignore the large TUB of mail I brought to wade through) - is giving me the chance to work on something fun: the family history! I was contacted by someone who is related to Tom by a few generations back. Via the Internet, he stumbled upon the information I've posted in the family history portion of our homepage. Anyway, in comparing his information with mine, I made a new graph of a portion of the family tree and was able to clearly see that the colleague of Tom's who we call 'Cousin' (when he was working up on the Rez - I'll try to find that post later) shares Great Great Great Great Great Great Great (yep, that's 7) Grandparents with him! Cool, huh?! (Well, I think so, anyway.)

Okay, gotta check on the wee one.

(Yup, I see sun shining now!)


  1. It is raining buckets right now with thunder in Central New York. This has been our spring so far, cold, windy, and rainy. You must be sending your weather our way.

  2. Ask me if today's weather frustrated me. Eeeeeee-owwww-arrrgh! I think it rained about four different times. I wanted so badly to do SOMETHING in the garden but everything was so wet. We decided we could split a bunch of wood as long as it wasn't raining. Must have gotten in about 10 minutes before I said, "Ya know, I'm getting really wet now." But at dinner a few minutes ago, I did comment that I had a pretty good day . . . if I could put it out of my mind that I didn't get out in the garden . . . AGAIN. Hmmmm, is this the 7th year I should have let the garden lie fallow?

  3. So ... you bemoan creeping time and yet you still had the chance to plant it???

    What gives?!?!?



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