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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Blog Post 02-14-09

Creativity strikes at the strangest times.

Take tonight for instance. It’s 2:17 AM as I start to write. I’m cozied up in bed with my heating pad, a friend’s guitar music playing softly in the background, and the remnants of a hot cup of tea sitting here next to me on the bed.

I know my parents and I will never rectify our disagreement over bed times. They feel that the hours slept specifically BEFORE midnight are the best and most important. It’s a rare night that I’m in bed much before that. 11:00 PM would be a real push. So I, in contrast to their theory, think that we should do what feels most natural to our bodies. I think we’d all be happier people if we all did that. (Unfortunately, business days would really be jazzed up if people got up and went to work when they wanted, etc. So, the practicality of enacting that theory is slim. But I digress. As usual.)

My Valentine’s Day treat to myself was a movie in the late afternoon. I think I started it around 5:30. It was a slow one and not all that interesting, so I struggled to make it to the end credits with my eyes open. When they did roll, I clicked everything off with the appropriate remote controls, and snuggled deeper in the library’s couch . . . and closed my eyes. Ah, a “mid-day” nap. Bliss.

I woke up about 9:30 tonight . . . and that nap is what allowed me to still be up now, 5 hours later. I know I could go a while longer yet, but then I know I’d pay for it in the morning – still having to contour my schedule somewhat with the rest of the world’s! ;)

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My 20th high school class reunion is this summer. I find that a bit incredible since, when I remember watching the 20th class reunion float (usually a logging truck cab hauling a massive flat bed trailer) in our town’s annual summertime celebration, I knew that those folks were certainly middle-aged and obviously (due to the fact they were near 40) had their lives under control. Ha! And, generally-speaking, the men were pot-bellied & balding while the women were overweight and . . . saggy. Hmph. Anyway, the upshot is that the latter is unfortunately true in more than a couple of cases, and the former is . . . a joke!

Middle-aged at near-40? Pu-leeze. I’m thinkin’ that middle-aged is more like 60-65 nowadays. (Wonder if I’ll agree to that in another 20 years?)

And the theory that I’d certainly . . . CERTAINLY “be an adult” / have my life in complete order by a 20th class reunion is laughable! Do 99-year olds even feel that way?

Anyway, the point is . . . (do I have one)? Technology has made SUCH a difference in re-connecting with people. Even at our 10-year reunion, while we did have the use of e-mail, it was unheard of for people to build their own websites. So, information had to be distributed, mostly, the old-fashioned way . . . especially trying to find “lost” alumni. But now, we can create a website and put everything out there for anyone to access. We’re just in the initial stages, but I’ve found only one classmate who doesn’t “do” e-mail or the Internet . . . nor does his wife. So, there will be a couple of snail mailed invitations sent, but not many, anymore!

Okay, it’s 2:42 AM. Time for a little of my audio book ‘Q is for Quarry’ before I’m off to the Land of Nod.


  1. Really enjoyed this ruminative post. More, please.

  2. Great to hear from you! I think 99 year olds just have given up caring if they have their life in order. :) Does all this mean that you are once again up for organizing the class reunion?!?

  3. Love your blog! The picture on top of your site is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could wake up to views like that. Someday!!

    Our chicken yard is pretty bad at this point as well. Wonder if we will have to move the whole thing to allow vegetation to grow back.

  4. I think the 20 year class reunion was the last one I attended. Our class isn't very energetic and apparently most of them must have figured out that life goes on whether we have a class reunion or not, and that works just fine for me!

    Your sleep schedule amazes me--I'm definitely an early morning person and can count on one hand the number of times in a year that I'm still awake after 11:00 PM. But then again, you're still a "youngster" anyway ;-)

  5. Hi, Melissa! Welcome! Where (what state) do you live? Sounds like your chicken yard is a mucky mess. We're back to solid winter here.

    Mama, a "ruminative post"? Are you calling me a ruminant?! Like, a critter with multiple stomachs?

    Clairice, seems I HAVE volunteered my time to at least put the info up on FB and create a website for it. Cheryl A. works at the court house and secured the Community Center for an insanely tiny price. Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 1st, and stay tuned!

    Ruthie, we'll have to see if my sleep schedule changes as I a-g-e. I know my body has! ;)


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